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After a year, no progress on vandalism at Ithaca alderperson’s home

Updated: May 5, 2019

Written by Mark H. Anbinder

Video captures the vandal spray-painting the sign.
Video captures the vandal spray-painting the sign.

Three distinct cases of early morning vandalism at the home of an Ithaca alderperson, stretching from May 2017 to just last month, have been under investigation by the Ithaca Police Department for over a year with no progress. In all three cases, an unknown individual or individuals spray-painted over a “Black Lives Matter” sign outside the home of Second Ward alderperson Ducson Nguyen and his wife Amber Gilewski.

“I will continue to put up any sign that is destroyed,” says Gilewski, a faculty member in the Psychology department at Tompkins Cortland Community College, who says the vandalism doesn’t scare her, but leaves her “angry and annoyed.”


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