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Bits from Cleveland: Day 1

Matt Harkins | Posted almost 3 years ago.
RNC Goes Unhinged and on the Fringe

Before I get to my report, I'm going to promote my Twitter again. (@mpharkins). Because of the strict security, they don't allow backpacks in the convention site, so I don't have a laptop or the ab...

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Republican Convention Preview!

Matt Harkins | Posted almost 3 years ago.
Everything you need to know about this week's iteration of the quadrennial running of the elephants.

Keep your eyes on for in-depth reports and @mpharkins on Twitter for updates in-between. Stay tuned to WVBR-FM for periodic call-in reports. Like the station on Facebo...

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Picking Up the Pieces

Matt Harkins | Posted almost 3 years ago.
On Trump as Presumptive Nominee

Since last Wednesday, I’ve been watching the dust settle as society comes to terms with the fact that “Donald Trump” and “presumptive nominee” are now being used in the same sentence. It was imposs...

For What It's Worth

Matt Harkins | Posted almost 3 years ago.
There's something happening here, and what it is ain't exactly clear...

On a Wednesday in November of 2004, I showed up to school the day after 200,000 votes in a county in Ohio delivered George W. Bush a second term in the White House. It was a casual dress day, and I...

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