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Hockey Gamecenter: Cornell vs. Boston University
November 26, 2011
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It's Thanksgiving Hockey at its finest - the Cornell Big Red and the Boston University Terriers face off in classic archrival fashion from the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden. Tonight's 8pm game will kick off shortly as WVBR's Jeff Gottlieb and David DyTang are on site to provide in-game updates and analysis. Stay tuned to throughout the evening! What to Look For: Two hot teams are taking the ice tonight as #15 BU enters tonight's contest with a 6-4-1 record and on a 3-game win streak, powered by scorers Corey Trivino, Garrett Noonan, and Wade Megan. In goal, Kieran Millan has allowed just one score in his last 120 minutes. Meanwhile, #17 Cornell comes into the game on a 5-game win streak, scoring 30 goals in eight games to reach 6-2 in the standings. Goaltender Andy Iles is now coming off three consecutive shutouts without a single goal allowed in over 202 minutes. Greg Miller, Nick D'Agostino, Brian Ferlin, Joakim Ryan have been propelling the Big Red offense towards success over the last several weeks. Tonight, expect some high-powered offense on both sides in a rough and tumble match that will be all about which goaltender stumbles first.

Cornell Final Boston University
1   2
Last Goal: BU: Ross Gaudet from Max Nicastro @ 2:48 (OT)
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

1st Period

[b]20:00[/b] - The energy is nothing but amazing as the starting lineups and team introductions get underway here at Madison Square Garden. This is College Hockey at its finest. [b]19:30[/b] - The puck has been dropped and the action is underway. The third ever Red Hot Hockey evening is now underway! [b]17:15[/b] - Things are already starting to get rowdy as BU gets its first shot on goal - easily dispatched by Iles and the action continues. Might not be long before see things get more rough. [b]15:40[/b] - Ferlin beats the defender and gets in close to the BU net, missing just wide on a clear scoring opportunity. Those are the kind of chances that will define the outcome of this game. [b]14:45[/b] - And we see the first penalty of the night as BU's Ben Rosen heads to the box for a check from behind. [b]13:00[/b] - The Big Red loses most of its power play advantage struggling to get the puck on the offensive side of the ice. BU gets a good-looking cross but fails to convert on another big opportunity. [b]11:09[/b] - 2 more close opps on offense for the Big Red, but each shot misses the mark. We'll pause for the first media timeout of the night. [b]10:04[/b] - Cornell penalty to number 28, Joel Lowry - 2 minutes for high sticking as BU gets its first power play action of the night. [b]10:02[/b] - And a second Big Red penalty to number 7, Braden Birch for obstruction/interference. Terriers now 2 men up. [b]8:53[/b] - #5 Adam Clendening gets a rebound and puts the puck in the back of the net for BU as the Terriers use the two-man advantage to draw first blood. That's Clendening's first career goal. Assists from Alex Chiasson and Garrett Noonan. [b]7:54[/b] - Power Play ends as Cornell returns to full strength. We'll take a media timeout as the Big Red figure out how to respond to BU's score. [b]6:51[/b] - BU Penalty to #19 Justin Courtnall, 2 minutes for boarding and another power play opp for the Red. [b]6:12[/b] - BU clears the puck and Cornell looks to regroup and figure out how to handle the power play. Discipline and puck control are keys to success and right now the Big Red is not showing a ton of it. [b]4:05[/b] - Terriers get another shot on goal but Iles is there to make a quick glove save. Moment of excitement there as Iles couldn't hang on to the puck after the save, a trend throughout the season. Media timeout!

[[link|keyword=sportsblog/813]]1st Intermission Report[[end-link]] [[link|keyword=sportsblog/814]]2nd Intermission Report[[end-link]]

[b]3:31[/b] - BU gets a quick one-on-one following a big rebound but Iles is there to make the block. Terriers lead in shots tonight 11-3. First period comes to a close as BU leads 1-0 with a two-man advantage goal midway through. Iles' shutout streak has come to an end but if the Big Red want to succeed tonight they need to step it up on offense. Boston University is manufacturing more opportunities for itself and getting more shots on goal - opportunities that Cornell is either missing or struggling to get. By improving its offensive discipline the Big Red will be able to get more looks and chances on goal.

2nd Period

[b]18:58[/b] - Second period gets underway here at MSG as the Big Red get the first shot on goal. No go though, as the defense collapses in around Millan. [b]17:19[/b] - On the BU attack, it looks like there's a lot of Andy Iles on defense, but not a whole lot of anything else. At any rate, good clear and Cornell gets another close call on goal with the shot just going wide. [b]15:40[/b] - Another close call at the BU net has the fans excited but coming off the post the shot is ruled a save by the official. The play is now under video review but does not appear to have crossed the goal line. Ruling is confirmed. But both BU and CU players heading to the penalty box on the scrum following the play Cornell #14 John McCarron and BU #9 Alex Chiasson - each 2 minutes for hitting after the whistle. [b]14:03[/b] - Braden Birch gets a shot off from near the blue line but it swings wide. Story of the night for the Big Red. [b]13:37[/b] - The two teams' pep bands are really getting into it tonight, which will outlast the other? Media timeout! [b]13:27[/b] - Another pair of penalties as CU #6 Nick D'Agostino and BU #2 Ryan Ruikka head to the box. Time for some more 4 on 4 hockey. [b]10:38[/b] - A few exchanges on the ice give shooting opps for both teams, but no go. The red break out of a faceoff with a huge opp, but a big stick save in the air by Millan keeps things at bay. [b]9:07[/b] - Some big Cornell shots on goal have the fans excited, but the score remains at 1-0 as the Big Red loses the puck offsides. Major momentum killer there as we head into the next media timeout. [b]7:15[/b] - Excitement shifts to BU's end as they get a few shots on goal themselves. Andy Iles can't hang on to the puck and struggles to get up from his last save but a defensive block keeps the puck away from the goal. [b]6:22[/b] - Two more scoring chances for the Red foiled - the fans are getting a bit frustrated / excited now. [b]5:46[/b] - Media timeout once again as the teams get a break - we'll see if the extra energy helps them out heading into the last few minutes of the period. [b]4:22[/b] - Net becomes dislodged on another Big Red try and we'll wait for the reset on the BU end of the ice. [b]4:18[/b] - BU penalty to #5 Adam Clendening - 2 minutes for tripping. We'll see if the Red can convert on this new power play chance. [b]3:36[/b] - BU defense clears the puck as the Red loses another potentially pivotal chance to score. [b]2:28[/b] - The energy here can't really be described as anything other than frenetic especially as the Cornell crowd hopes a goal is coming with every offensive attempt. Wrapping up the second period, Cornell certainly came out more aggressive in the last 20 minutes and have evened out the shots on goal - now BU 18, CU 16. However, the Big Red so far has still failed to convert despite several chances. If the energy and momentum stay this strong in the third period, there's hope yet for Cornell. On the other hand, the Terriers' defense and goaltending remained strong and heavy-handed, and Cornell will have to break through it for a chance at victory tonight.

3rd Period

[b]19:49[/b] - Cornell's classic Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Part 2 is filling MSG as the third period gets underway. [b]19:02[/b] - Some back and forth with the puck and BU's Matt Nieto gets a shot off right into Iles' glove. [b]16:21[/b] - Cornell gets another shot on goal from 10 feet away - they'll need a few better looks to actually score, though. [b]13:52[/b] - Big Red is getting a few good defensive looks of its own - it's just relying on the offense now to make this game close. [b]13:16[/b] - Mike Eruzione is in the house. He may work at BU, but the crowd has united around "USA" chants. All the emotion stays right here in MSG, folks. [b]12:11[/b] - Teams are looking a little tired on the ice and we're not seeing a lot of major action in the third period besides some back and forths. Either BU or CU needs to break out here for a good scoring chance - Cornell especially. [b]10:40[/b] - Big Red just had a big chance on a rebound but just missed - cleared by BU but called back for icing. Faceoff on the BU end now. Timeout, Terriers. [b]9:37[/b] - Still no scores as the teams are fighting to a stalemate so far in the third period. Stay tuned, we'll see what happens after the media timeout. [b]8:54[/b] - Shot from Sean Whitney blocked by the goaltender, but the loose puck is put back in the net by Locke Jillson! Cornell ties the game up at 1-1. Assists from Sean Whitney and Dustin Mowrey. Jillson's first goal of the season. [b]6:56[/b] - Tie game here at MSG - not altogether different from what happened here in 2009... 3:47 - Narrowly close potential goal is under review at the BU net. Looks like it may have gone in, but conclusion from the referee is no goal. And play heads on. 0:00 - After 3 periods we're tied here in the garden and are headed to overtime! The Big Red finally found the sweet spot with a goal midway through the third period thanks to a nice rebound. They very nearly made it 2 goals but no luck after the video review and we've got one more period of hockey to go. It's now up to the Terriers to step things as up as Cornell seems to have upped its own game a bit.


5:00 - Overtime hockey is about to get underway here in New York. The sellout crowd tonight here at MSG has never been louder... 2:12 - Ross Gaudet gets a fortunate tip off the rebound between his legs and puts it in the back of the net in overtime as BU pulls off the sudden victory win at the Garden. Tough, tough break in OT for Cornell. Today's blog coverage of Red Hot Hockey at Madison Square Garden has been brought to you by WVBR Sports and our hockey squad on the scene, Jeff Gottlieb and David DyTang.

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