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MLB: Midblockers Love Baseball Power Rankings 1st edition
MLB doesn't stand for just Major League Baseball anymore
| May 31, 2009
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Here are your first ever, hopefully weekly, MLB [[link|url=]] A Major League Baseball[[end-link]] Power rankings (MLB stands for MidBlockers Love Baseball). Statistics done by Sandy Ginsburg. Rankings done by Adam Agata, David Dytang, and Dan Arnold. 1. [[link|url=]] Los Angeles Dodgers [[end-link]] 2. [[link|url=]] St. Louis Cardinals [[end-link]] 3. [[link|url=]] New York Yankees [[end-link]] 4. Boston Red Sox 5. [[link|url=]] New York Mets [[end-link]] 6. Philadelphia Phillies 6. Texas Rangers 8. Milwaukee Brewers 9. Detroit Tigers 10. Toronto Blue Jays 11. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 12. [[link|url=]] Cincinnati Reds [[end-link]] 13. Atlanta Braves (tie) 13. Tampa Bay Rays (tie) 15. Chicago Cubs 16. San Diego Padres 17. Minnesota Twins 18. San Francisco Giants 19. Chicago White Sox 20. Baltimore Oriels 21. Kansas City Royals 22. Seattle Mariners 23. [[link|url=]] Florida Marlins [[end-link]] 24. Pittsburgh Pirates (three way tie) 24. Cleveland Indians (three way tie) 24. Arizona Diamondbacks (three way tie) 27. Houston Astros (tie) 27. Colorado Rockies (tie) 29. Oakland Athletics 30. [[link|url=]] Washington Nationals[[end-link]]
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