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| May 13, 2009
-I realize Zack Greinke is pitching the lights out right now, but Roy Halladay is simply the best pitcher in the American League right now. Every outing of his is like watching a masterpiece being painted, even if he surrenders a couple of runs. If I had to build a baseball team from the ground up, the foundation of that team would be Halladay and Albert Pujols. - Are Lebron and the Cavaliers going to be TOO well rested by the time the Eastern Conference Finals hits? It's looking like the Celtics will escape from the Magic...with the hypothetical benefit of winning not one, but two, emotional series will the C's have enough momentum to dethrone King James once again? - Speaking of emotional series, how about the Capitals vs. the Penguins in round 2 of the NHL playoffs. This showdown between the 3 best skaters in hockey (Ovechkin, Malkin, and Crosby) is going to game 7 after seeing 3 consecutive overtime games. Celtics-Bulls was a great series, don't get me wrong, but nothing NOTHING trumps overtime hockey in the playoffs. No matter who wins game 7 tomorrow, this was a true clash of the titans and it's just a shame these two teams can't face off in the conference finals. - I can't wait until Craig Sager goes back into hibernation. - As exciting as the world of sports is right now, the biggest thing going on with any of MY teams is the Bills possibly signing recently cut linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa. This morning, safety Donte Whitner informed me via facebook status that PT would soon be a Bill and I got legitimately excited. Sad. - By the way, I just entered into the 3rd decade of my life. - Ryan Zimmerman just extended his hitting streak to 30 games with a first inning single against the Giants. I'm aware that Dimaggio's record is nearly an impossible mountain to climb, but I'm beginning to fear the notion that a Washington National could potentially break baseball's most hallowed record. Ew. - And your next candidate for steroid usage after an uncharacteristic power surge...AARON HILL! COME ON DOWN! - Does anybody have some shin guards that I can borrow? - There's no simpler pleasure than lying on your back and trying to throw a ball as close to the celing as you can without actually hitting the ceiling. - I've begun to seriously resent the NFL Draft. It's a week long saturation of football that makes you feel like the regular season is right around the corner. You pore over mock drafts for a few days, you watch the draft, you review and critique all your team's picks and then BOOM you're ready for some football! Then you realize it's 5 months away. Boo that man. -What the hell is the deal with cottage cheese? Til next time...
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Rahul from Ithaca, NY | May 15, 2009, 6:23pm
Halladay over Santana? Santana puts up better stats in almost every important category except innings (and the difference is marginal, and possibly a function of Santana getting pinch-hit for in the NL). Santana is 2 years younger, one of the best fielders of his position, and also a great leader/clubhouse guy.
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