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Undercover Champions
| April 15, 2009
If you approached any random person in Ithaca and asked them what the biggest local sports event of the year has been, what would he or she say? My guess would be that likely response would either be Cornell hockey coming one game away from being in the Frozen Four or the Cornell men’s basketball team making March Madness again and keeping the score close in the first half. Either way, the answer would be that the biggest moment of the year was Cornell losing a game, but making progress on the road to a national title. I mean, it’s not like the Big Red were national champions in anything…Oh wait, they did win a national championship! The Cornell gymnastics team won the USAG national title, making the Big Red the best gymnastics team in the country! Not only that, they were the first non-scholarship team—including any Ivy League team—to do so. So why am I bringing this up? The world stops for the hockey or basketball team. Coverage of both team’s journeys to and through the playoffs was all over roundup, the sports blog, and the sportsline at, not to mention the airwaves. And I’d be willing to bet that most of the students on Cornell’s campus, as well as several Ithacans, watched at least one of those two games. But what about the gymnastics team? They accomplished the equivalent of Cornell’s basketball team beating UNC or hockey team beating BU in the title game! Right now, all I have is one question: Cornell University, where’s the parade?
Originally Aired: Wednesday, April 15, 2009. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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Anonymous from campus | April 16, 2009, 3:46pm
Perhaps if you knew what you were talking about, this might be a logical arguement. This is not the national championship. The NCAA has a national championship for the best gymnasts in the country, and Cornell's lucky if we ever qualify someone for that. This is like winning the NIT. Big stinkin' deal
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