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If Memphis Plays and Nobody Knows, Did It Happen?
Max Wasserman
| November 7, 2007
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College basketball season is officially underway. Wait, what did you say? You didnít know that it started Monday? How is that possible? Didnít you see all the hooplah leading up to the MemphisñTennessee-Martin game in the first round of the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic? Remember all the coverage devoted to the highly anticipated RichmondñMaine matchup that preceded it? You mustíve tuned your television to ESPNU to see the third-seeded Tigers battle the underrated Skyhawks (thatís Tennessee-Martinís nickname, but you knew that). How could you miss it? ''[Note: You have reached the end of the sarcasm. You may continue with the rest of the blog post now.]'' So college basketball started, but ESPN feels that stories on where Alex Rodriguez might sign or on how Kobe Bryant went to Best Buy to purchase Halo 3 are more pertinent. There has been no hype about it at all. Compare that to the start of college football season, when the four-letter featured 25 straight hours of coverage on its main network, leading up to the LSUñ Mississippi State game, which is about as competitive a match-up as MemphisñTennessee-Martin. But college basketball gets none of that, as its first games are relegated to a channel that seven people get. Shouldnít college basketball get its own big kickoff too? Although, the fact that many major preseason tournaments now feel the need to be like the Preseason NIT--the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic changed its format from four teams to sixteen a few years ago, as well as its name to the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic--isnít helping either. Why have Kentucky play Connecticut to open the season when the Wildcats can take on Central Arkansas while the Huskies face Morgan State? ''[Note: Okay, now the sarcasm ends.]'' Either way, it all makes for an unfortunately weak start to a popular and exciting sport. On the other hand, this does mean one fewer week of Dick Vitale. Thatís always a plus. ''Comments, questions, or complaints about this blog post? You can contact Max himself at''
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