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It's not a rumor...I like a GM with a sense of humor
I wish people would get my obscure rap references in blog titles
| April 8, 2009
I was reading on [[link|url=]]this sports webpage is iller than Jungle and Whiz [[end-link]] that there is a trade rumor that the Browns will give the New York Football Giants [[link|url=]] the playmaker [[end-link]] for a first round draft pick. My guess? It'll probably happen. The Giants cut [[link|url=]] Flaxico "my first album had no famous guest appearances" Burress[[end-link]] because, well let's just say his first album had no famous guest appearances, and he was not donned the best ever since. By bringing on a player who has a bad additude, but no legal charges [[link|url=]] (except maybe false advertising)[[end-link]] should help their team stay on track. But what about the [[link|url=]] Cleveland Clowns[[end-link]]? They plan on starting a quarterback with very little experience and they've already traded away thier only other solid recieving option [[link|url=]] KWII[[end-link]] for more draft picks. I guess they are looking at some recieving targets in the draft. I remember Texas [[link|url=]] A[[end-link]]&M had a pretty good reciever, or maybe it was Texas [[link|url=]] Tech[[end-link]]? Whatever, I'm too [[link|url=]] lazy [[end-link]] to look it up even though I'm posting links to sites for absolutely no [[link|url=]] reason.[[end-link]]
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Swirzalicious from WVBR | April 8, 2009, 11:19pm
I forgot to mention, the question on the site was if this trade were to happen (Braylon Edwards to the NY Giants for a 1st and 5th draft pick), who would get the better deal? My answer would be it would be good for the Giants, and how good it is for the Browns would depend on if they draft a good player, preferably a reliable receiver/TE
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