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Sold My Soul to a Blue Devil
An angry Cornell fan rants about the price for January 6 game
Adam Agata
| November 7, 2007
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Cornell basketball is preparing for possibly its biggest season in the history of Cornell sports. Since 1898, Cornell has only been in the NCAA tournament twice. The Big Red lost to Arizona in 1988 as the 16-seed in their last appearance. Of course, as an Ivy League champion, the committee will not look highly upon the Big Red, no matter how good the team performs this season. A 13 seed would be nice, but a 14 or 15 are more realistic. This means that CU will have to play a perennial powerhouse, such as UNC, UCLA, Georgetown, Kansas, or Duke. If Duke is the opponent, it will be a rematch of the two teams. Both schools are great academic institutions that have gone in different directions on the basketball spectrum. January 6 will be the chance for Cornell to prove why Ithaca is superior, as the Big Red travel down to Durham, N.C. to take on the Blue Devils. Cornell fans, donít jump the gun and get your motors started for the game just yet. Most students and fans on the beautiful Cornell campus can remember a time when tickets for home games were free, and changing the price to a nominal amount a couple years ago caused a big uproar. The price to join the Cameron Crazies: a ridiculous $50 a pop. Thatís right: 50 bucks. This is more than the average price for an NBA game. And although many of the Duke players end up going to the NBA, you have to remember, they are playing Cornell. This should be an interesting match up, and possibly a huge upset, but honestly, fifty dollars? Most of those interested in attending the game would be college students, who by default probably have prodigally spent most money earned over the summer. The cost to support their team would also have to include the cost for gas, food, and shelter to just travel to the biggest regular season game for the Big Red since World War II. Add all those up and you wonder, is this even worth it, even for sports? I donít know who is to blame, but come on, if a dedicated student, alum, or member of the Ithaca community is willing to make the journey down tobacco road, at least make the price for a collegiate sporting event reasonable. Let me re-emphasize that this is a 'collegiate' sporting event.
Originally Aired: Wednesday, November 7, 2007. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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