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Stupid Is As Stupid Does
| April 1, 2009
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...and stupid in this case are the Denver Broncos front office, and their new Head Coach, Josh McDaniels. So there are stories out there telling us with virtual certainty that Jay Cutler is done in Denver and is about to be traded. Obviously this has been an ongoing saga--it dates back to when new hire Josh McDaniels wanted to bring in Matt Cassel to replace Cutler about a month ago; But man, you just have to wonder what these guys are thinking--first, the Broncos fire Mike Shanahan. Whe Broncos' downfall last year was the defense, so you'd think they'd bring in a coach who knows defense. Instead, they replace the legendary Shanahan with a 32 year who's been "calling plays" (and by that I mean doing whatever Belichick tells him) on offense for the Pats for two years. Obviously the Broncos were very impressed with the track record of other Belichick assistants as head coaches (Crennel, Weis, Mangini). And I guess they probably thought that McDaniels was really the right guy to fix the defense. Feeling stupid yet? So instead of fixing the defense, they allow this guy to alienate their 25 year old franchise QB shortly upon taking the job. Yeah, Broncos, Cutler was the problem for you last year. Good thinking. Applause. Then they wait for a while. Then they announce they'll trade him--except by now it is clear that they won't get anything remotely resembling fair value for the guy, and will not be able to pick up a decent replacement QB for him. If you're in the situation where you're ''hoping'' Mark Sanchez will be your quarterback, you know you're in dire straits. This is just one of the most inane (or maybe insane) offseason sequences that I've seen in professional sports... Ouch...
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Jay Sage from WVBR | April 2, 2009, 8:53pm
Ok, so I think everybody will probably agree that the Broncos are pretty much screwed for next year. Personally, I think the relationship between Cutler and McDaniels was probably doomed to fail from the start. McDaniels obviously wants to emulate Belichick. Belichick controls the offense. Cutler is a young, arrogant Manning-esque type who loves to audible at the line and improvise. The two concepts clash with one another completely, so maybe it's best that they parted ways. I'm not trying to deny that both parties handled this situation HORRIBLY, but still, maybe it's for the best. As for the future of the Broncos, it all depends on how they draft. They just acquired another first round pick in the next two years, which gives them a lot of authority in the upcoming drafts. This year, expect them to trade up (if necessary) from number 12 in order to nab Sanchez. Now, Sanchez has his doubters, but he just received high praise from Mike Mayock which is good enough for me. Sanchez will probably be the best QB available, and I doubt sincerely that they want Orton at the helm on a long term basis. After that, defense, defense, defense. It will certainly be interesting how Denver progresses from here. They don't have a snowball's chance in hell in 2009-2010, but they could be contenders for the future if they play things smart from here. After this debacle though, don't count on it.

MitchellK from Nashville, TN | April 2, 2009, 6:26pm
I totally agree! Way to go Joshua! You single-handedly ruined a franchise!
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