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Cornell Vs. Northeastern NCAA Tournament First Round Blog
Robert Schur and Jase Bernhardt
| March 28, 2009
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Robert (6:36 P.M.) Cornell wins the game. Northeastern sustained some pressure at the end but Scrivens was up to the task. The Red will take on the winner of Notre Dame vs. Bemidji State tomorrow night for the right to advance to the Frozen Four in Washington D.C. Robert (6:32 P.M.): Evan Barlow scores for the Red! Riley Nash fell over in the high slot but managed to pass from his chest over to the trailing Barlow who shot the puck through Thiessen's legs to give Cornell the lead with 17.2 seconds to go. Jase (6:26 P.M.): The Big Red ties up the game as Colin Greening scores his 15th goal of the season on a tip-in. 2-2 with 3 minutes to go. Jase (6:24 P.M.): Cornell goes back on the power play and has 1:15 left on the man advantage still trailing 2-1. Jase (6:19 P.M.): A stoppage in play has J.P. Maley is hurt for Northeastern. He now skates off the ice and appears to be OK with just over six remaining. Robert (6:15 P.M.): Locke Jillson came in alone down the right side and fired a shot. The rebound squirted out from Thessien but Evan Barlow was a split second too late and the score remains 2-1 in favor of Northeastern. Robert (6:11 P.M.): Cornell's Sean Collins hits a Huskies player from behind and heads to the penalty box with 9:32 left in the third period. Jase (6:10 P.M.): The Cornell power play comes to an end as the Big Red have not accomplished much with the man advantage. After the penalty was over Cornell had a great opportunity with the puck briefly loose in front of the net, but Thiessen covered it up. Still 2-1 Northeastern about halfway through the third period. Robert (6:04 P.M.): Riley Nash has two quality shots in close on Thiessen but the Northeastern goalie makes both saves However, there's a Huskies penalty on the play and Cornell goes to the power play with just over 13 minutes left in regulation. Jase (6:00 P.M.): Michael Kennedy skated into the Huskies zone just in front of the defense but his hard shot was stopped by Thiessen. The rebound popped lose but there was nobody for Cornell to get it and the threat came to an end. Robert (5:57 P.M.): Sean Whitney finds a loose puck on the point and comes in alone on Thiessen but the Northeastern goalie makes the stop. Jase (5:57 P.M.): Cornell kills off the shortened Northeastern man advantage and we still have a 2-1 score here with 17 and a half minutes left in the game. Jase (5:54 P.M.): Riley Nash is whistled for tripping so we'll have a 4-on-4 for a little over a minute then a Huskies power play. Northeastern nearly extended their lead but Ben Scrivens stopped a shot with his glove and turned aside the following rebounds as well. Jase (5:47 P.M.): Well after two periods in Grand Rapids its 2-1 Northeastern on top of Cornell. The Huskies dominated the period, scoring on a breakaway, while also having numerous other chances on both even strength and the power play. Fortunately for the Red, Ben Scrivens came up with some big saves and the Cornell defense tightened up to keep the Red in the game. Cornell finally got back into the game as Blake Gallagher put the puck in from in front to cut the Northeastern lead to 2-1. To even this game and ultimately win it, the Big Red must continue to keep sustained pressure on Brad Thiessen. In addition to getting shots, Cornell must also control the rebounds, and create traffic in front of the net, which was the formula for their first score. Finally, the Red must also cut down on mistakes and turnovers, one of which led to the second Huskies goal. We'll be back with you shortly as the third period will get underway in a few minutes. Jase (5:34 P.M.): The Big Red will have a power play for the end of the second period and most likely into the start of the third as Tyler McNeely is called for slashing with just 10 seconds left in the period. Jase (5:32 P.M.): Colin Greening almost ties it with a shot from in front, but is denied. Still, Cornell has came alive offensively with under a minute to go in the period. Robert (5:30 P.M.): The goal counts, 2-1 Northeastern. Robert (5:29 P.M.): The goal is under review. Robert (5:27 P.M.): Cornell goal. Blake Gallagher finally buries one for the Red, getting the goal after a superb pass from the side of the net by Colin Greening. The Red finally created the necessary traffic in the slot and now only trail 2-1 with 2:02 left in the second period. Robert (5:25 P.M.): Cornell kills off the penalty and four minutes remain in the second. Northeastern continues to control the puck in the Red's end though. 3:45 left in the second period. Robert (5:21 P.M.): Keir Ross of Cornell is called for an infraction and the Red will continue to kill penalties. Six minutes left. Robert (5:20 P.M.): Jase says with his mouth full of calzone, "Hockey East is such a solid conference." Northeastern is showing us why today as they've had several quality opportunities on this power play and continue to effectively cycle the puck. 6:16 remaining in the period and four seconds on the power play for the Huskies. Robert (5:18 P.M.): Riley Nash takes a two minute penalty at 11:48. Robert (5:17 P.M.): The Northeastern offensive dominance continues. Cornell has had a lot of trouble clearing their zone. 8:20 left in period two. Robert (5:13 P.M.) Steve Silva scores for Northeastern on a breakaway. He picked up the puck at the Huskies' blue line and came in all alone before putting the puck over Scrivens' shoulder at 9:21 of the second period. 2-0 Northeastern. Robert (5:11 P.M.): The Huskies jump on the loose puck but the backhand shot by Joe Vitale goes wide. 11:37 left in the second period. Robert (5:09 P.M.): Sean Whitney heads to the penalty box with 13:28 left in the second. By the way, Jase is still here but he's having a snack so I'm left to do the lion's share of the typing. Robert (5:06 P.M.): Patrick Kennedy comes into the Northeastern zone with a full head of steam. The backhand shot is stopped. A good sign though: Brendan Nash followed the shot, looking for a rebound, something we haven't yet seen from the Red until now. Robert (5:01 P.M.): A few shots by the Red but Thiessen makes the stops. Robert (4:59 P.M.): Northeastern's Dennis McCauley comes streaking down the sideboards but Scrivens is up to the challenge of the shot. Still 1-0 Northeastern with 18:40 to play. Robert (4:58 P.M.): We are underway here in the second period. Play begins with a four on four that carried over from the first period. Robert (4:51 P.M.): The Red had some opportunities right out of the gate but failed to capitalize. A lack of traffic in front of the net prevented a Colin Greening shot from being redirected into the net about midway through the period. At one point the Red led the shot total 10 to 3 but the momentum turned and Northeastern took advantage. A rash of penalties eventually led to a 4 on 3 in favor of the Huskies and after some crisp cycling of the puck in the Cornell zone, Louis Liotti found the back of the net to give the Huskies the 1-0 lead they would take into the locker room. The goal is a classic example of why Cornell must start to create chaos in front of the Northeastern goalie Brad Thiessen. Liotti's shot was not particularly hard but two key things happened. First, there were several players from both teams in the shooting lane. Sure enough, the puck ricocheted off of Taylor Davenport's stick and into the net. The reason that Scrivens wasn't there to stop the puck was that he couldn't actually see the puck; a Northeastern forward had worked his way into the slot and blocked Scrivens' field of vision. Imagine the possibilities for the Red if Thiessen were effectively blindfolded by a swarm of Cornell forwards. Not even a Hobey Baker finalist can stop what he can't see. To get back in this game, the Red will have to keep firing shots on Thiessen and have men in front of the net to redirect the shots and wreak havoc with Thiessen's field of vision. Addtionally, as Riley Nash noted between periods, the Red will have to suppress the odd-man rushes that the Huskies are getting. We're just minutes away from the start of the second period so keep your browser here on Jase (4:43 P.M.): As the first period winds down Evan Barlow has a chance in front of the Huskies net but he is stopped. In the closing seconds Northeastern also tries to add another tally, but Scrivens is up to the task. So, at the end of one, it's 1-0 Northeastern leading Cornell. More analysis coming soon. Robert (4:40 P.M.): Northeastern scores when Louis Liotti lets off a shot from the point into traffic. The puck was deflected by Cornell's Taylor Davenport and skittered into the open half of the net. Scrivens was screened by the traffic and never saw the puck. 1-0 Northeastern. Robert (4:37 P.M.): Northeastern had a big chance when Louis Liotti unleashes a big slapper that Scrivens stopped. Northeastern also loses its powerplay with a penalty to Tyler McNeeley. Seconds later though, the Red's Michael Kennedy heads to the sin bin for high-sticking. 4 on 3 for thirty seconds. Jase (4:35 P.M.): After a Cornell turnover in their own zone Steve Silver had an excellent chance for Northeastern but Ben Scrivens stopped his shot and the ensuing rebound. However, the the Red failed to clear the puck and Justin Krueger is whistled for elbowing, giving Northeastern their first power play of the game. Robert (4:32 P.M.): Cornell has trouble keeping the puck in the Huskies' zone on this power play. Northeastern has cleared the puck several times and the man advantage fails. Just over three minutes left in the opening frame. Robert (4:30 P.M.): Cornell gets the first power play of the game when Northeastern's Greg Costa gets called for interference deep in the Cornell zone. 5:20 remains in the first period. Jase (4:30 P.M.): After Cornell was able to hold off the Huskies first real offensive pressure of the game, the Red made some noise of their own as Colin Greening snapped a quick shot from just inside the blue line. The shot got through traffic to the cage but Thiessen made another nice save. Northeastern comes back to the other end after the media timeout as Matt Quigley fires one just wide. Robert (4:24 P.M.): Ben Scrivens makes two incredible saves on quick Northeastern shots including a dramatic glove save to keep the game scoreless. Nine minutes left. Robert (4:24 P.M.): Cornell leads in shots 10-3. Robert (4:23 P.M.) Colin Greening gets off a hard shot from the high slot with an open look. Thiessen makes the safe though as there was no traffic in front of the net to deflect the puck. We're now midway through the first period. Jase (4:22 P.M.): Derek Punches has been active early with a nice-looking shots for Cornell but he is turned aside again by Thissen. Robert (4:19 P.M.): Cornell keeps up the pressure in front of Thiessen but Northeastern manages to clear. 11:15 left in period one. Jase (4:18 P.M.): Cornell has had some good chances early but Thiessen, the Hockey East player of the year, has been true to form in eaisly turning away the Red. Ben Scrivens, meanwhile, makes a nice save of his own and we are scoreless 8 minutes in. Meanwhile, Cornell has a 2-1 opportunity, but Barlow is stoned by Thissen. Robert (4:15 P.M.): Big slapper by Derek Punches but no dice as Brad Thiessen makes the save. Robert (4:13 P.M.): Five minutes into the game, no score yet as the Red break it out of their own zone. The Cornell Big Red and Northeastern Huskies are underway in their first round match-up of the 2009 NCAA Men's Division I Hockey Tournament. Stay here for game updates and analysis from WVBR bloggers Jase Bernhardt and Robert Schur.
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The Bug from West Palm Beach | March 28, 2009, 11:18pm
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss! What a win!

Shwax from Ithaca | March 28, 2009, 11:11pm
With Bemidji State overtaking No. 2 Notre Dame, there is a real possibility that we could find ourselves in the Frozen Four. Moreover, our opponent in that round would be the victor between Minnesota-Duluth & Miami (Ohio) - neither of which team would be unbeatable for Cornell's squad at all. With the other half of the frozen being BU or New Hampshire (more likely the former) verse Vermont, there is a REAL possibility (in my optimistic mind at least) that the NCAA Men's Hockey D-I Final could be CU v. BU. Man would that be intense - heck, thing's would be just CRAZY in Ithaca!(and it'd and make the Thanksgiving weekend game coming up in November even MORE exciting)
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