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When A Strong Arm Is A Curse
| November 1, 2008
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So I'm watching the the Artist Formelerly Known As the World's Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party (UGA-FLA for you uneducated ones), and Matt Stafford's been outstanding the entire game. Georgia was down because of missed chipshots and bad luck, and were driving. Matt, who has the strongest arm of any active QB today, saw AJ Green on the sideline, and decided to zoom it to him on a rope. But the CB got in the middle of it and picked it, and then returned it to the 1. The right decision would've been to put more air under it and put it over Green's outside shoulder, where only he could get it. Stafford's overconfidence in his arm caused this INT. Jets and Packers fans know this as the Favre phenomenon.
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Rahul | November 10, 2008, 8:51pm
Strongest arm of any active QB today? I'm not so sure you can make that claim. from WVBR | November 2, 2008, 11:49am
That is why college Quarterbacks sometimes take a while to develop when they enter the NFL. In my opinion, Stafford has better tools than anyone to translate into the NFL but he needs to show more consistancy. Just a few years back, Florida State had a quarterback by the name of Chris Rix who all the experts said was "by far the most talented QB in the country." And he probably was. But too often he'd "trust his talent" and throw bullet passes into unnecessarily small windows that would lead to costly INTs. Some QBs simply cannot get that mindset out of their heads. Whats strange is I didn't feel that Stafford did that last season.
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