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Lostradamus' NBA Preview Part 1: Questions and Honors
| October 28, 2008
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An amazing time of year is upon us. Halloween is on Friday. The NFL is at midseason, the playoff race is about to begin, and the World Series is about to wrap up. What could possibly make this time of year any better? How about the NBA season kicking off tonight? Itís a painful summer wait for me, and through the fall I have football to hold me over, but itís just not the same. Now, weíve got 82+ games and almost 8 months to figure out some of the tough, hard-to-answer questions that have been lingering all summer. Questions like: '''Will the Celtics repeat for the first time as a franchise in 40 years?''' More on that later. '''Will Kobe and the Lakers come back with a vengeance?''' The NBA should hope so. '''Are the Spurs too old?''' Absolutely not. '''Has the window closed on teams like Dallas, Phoenix, and Detroit?''' Probably. '''Can Ron Artest not explode, and carry a Houston team once stars #ís 1 & 2 go down with their inevitable injuries?''' Itís a tough west. '''Are the Hornets for real?''' CP3 will make sure of that. '''Will Mo Williams be enough to help LeBron win a Game 7 in Boston?''' Probably not. '''How will the Wizards manage without the $111 million dollar blogger?''' Better than with him. '''Can the Knicks run and gun with DíAntoniís 7 Seconds or Less system?''' Sure, but it wonít help. '''Whoís getting moved at midseason or before?''' I say Sheed, Iverson, and Bibby will be in new threads by midseason with their expiring contracts. Throw Shawn Marion in for good measure if he is struggling. '''Will this be one of the greatest rookie classes ever?''' Remember these names: Gordon, Beasley, Rose, Augustin, Love, Lopez, Mayo, Bayless, Fernandez. Oh, and you already know Oden. Thatís right, heís technically a rookie. Now, for the awards predictions: '''Most Improved:''' Detroitís Rodney Stuckey seems to be the Pick Du Jour, but Iím going with the Lakers Andrew Bynum assuming a healthy return. He would have gotten it last year until he blew up his knee. Will he be enough to get the Lakers hoisting the Larry OíBrien? '''6th Man:''' With Ginobili out until late December this comes down to which former starter will stay on the bench longer, the Lakersí Lamar Odom, or Utahís AK-47. Kirilenkoís a stat stuffer whoís sad and frustrated in Utah, and I donít think a bench role will help him. He could be a great player on a championship contender in a better system, but the Jazz doesnít work for him. Odom will shine with less pressure on him now coming off the bench. But I still think heís a great fit to start for that team. '''Coach of the Year:''' This is interesting. Jerry Sloan deserves it every yearand he doesnít have one. So does Pop, but he does. If the Lakers are dominating, why not Phil Jackson? If DíAntoni works wonders, heíll be up there. Spoelstra is going to have a huge jump in the wins column after Miamiís 15 last year. Nate McMillan will have a talented young playoff team. Doc Rivers and Rick Adelman have a talented big three each. This toss-up goes to McMillan for the playoff jump. '''Rookie of the Year:''' Itís going to come down to Beasleyís offense versus Odenís defense and Roseís leadership. First year PGís tend to struggle at points, and Odenís numbers wonít be as gaudy on an already talented Portland team. Beasley will get it because heíll put up good numbers (Think 18 and 9) on a playoff team, but when itís all said and done Eric Gordon (Or [[link|url=]]little MJ,[[end-link]] from ''SpaceJam'') will be the best player from his class once he leaves the Clippers. And [[link|url=]]I said this is June.[[end-link]] '''Defensive Player of the Year:''' Oden might get it as a consolation prize if he doesnít win the ROY. Garnett would be the favorite to repeat, but I think a healthy Ron Artest is going to make big noise once Houston gets hurt. '''MVP:''' Kobe, LeBron, or Chris Paul? Kobe got his lifetime achievement last year. CP3 got robbed, but New Orleans will sink slightly this year. LeBron finally has help with Mo, but it wonít be enough. The real answer is secret choice #4, Dwyane Wade. Back healthy and with a vengeance, heís going to carry a Miami team back with a vengeance. '''ALL NBA:''' '''First Team ALL NBA:''' Wade, Kobe, Bron, KG, Howard '''Second Team ALL NBA:''' CP3, Roy, Duncan, Amare, Yao '''Third Team ALL NBA:''' Iverson, T-Mac, Butler, Melo, Oden
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Eugene Karlik from WVBR | November 1, 2008, 3:02pm
Is this the same Eric Gordon the supposed amazing shooter who shot 33% from the college three last year, who can barely even dribble a basketball, and is averaging 8 minutes a game on the lame Clippers?

Carlos A. Molina from WVBR | October 29, 2008, 5:36pm
47 year old's body.

Jay Sage from WVBR | October 29, 2008, 1:30pm
No love for Deron Williams or Jose Calderon on your First-Second-Third? I think they both outplay Iverson this year. And tough luck for Portland with Oden already getting injured, but I don't know what anybody expected. He's a 21 year old with a 35 year old's body.
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