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HMLB NL Summary
Adam Agata
| June 3, 2008
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The pennant is really anybodyís. I honestly do not know who is going to win each round. The NL does not have any dominating teams, but the teams in the playoffs are all pretty evenly matched. [[link|url=]] HMLB NL East[[end- link]]
1Nationals9072- .556
5Mets 699321.426
[[link|url= ge=sportsblog&id=138]]HMLB NL Central [[end- link]]
1Astros9270- .568
3Pirates7785 15.475
4Brewers 669626.407
r [[link|url=]]HMLB NL West[[end- link]]
1Diamondbacks9171- .562
3Giants79< td>8312.488
5Padr es689423.420
And the playoffs will end up looking like this: Nations v. Diamondbacks Dodgers v. Astros And, of course, the postseason awards: MVP 1. Lance Berkman HOU - .321 BA, 39 homeruns, 144 RBIs. With such a great lineup, the guy in front will get on base for Berkman to easily drive them in. Oh yeah, I should also probably mention his .442 OBP. This was a tough choice, but in the end, the best player on the best team wins the award. 2. Carlo Quinten ARZ 3. Albert Pujols STL 4. Chase Utley PHI 5. Grady Sizemore WAS 6. Johann Santana HOU 7. Chipper Jones ATL 8. Miguel Cabrera FL 9. Vladimir Guerrero WAS 10. Ryan Howard PHI Cy Young 1. Johan Santana HOU 2. Brandon Webb ARZ 3. Carlos Zambrano CHI 4. Josh Beckett FL 5. Scott Kazmir NY Manager of the Year 1. Terry Francona WAS 2. Joe Girardi CHI 3. Bobby Cox LA [[link|url=]]HM LB AL Summary[[end-link]] Later this week, we will see the first round of the playoffs!
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