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Monday Afternoon Fantasy Update
Adam Agata
| June 2, 2008
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Again, although it is almost 11 pm, it is Monday afternoon somewhere in this world. I seem to get later and later. I will work on it. Anyway, here is an update of the WVBR fantasy league:
RankWVBR SportscasterRecordPercentageGames Back
1 Eugene54-29-7 .639 -
2 Ben53-32-5 .617 2
3 Kurt 49-39-2 .556 7.5
4 Adam 44-40-6 .522 10.5
4 Jordan 44-40-6 .522 10.5
6 Alex 45-41-4 .522 10.5
7 Jase 43-42-5 .506 12
8 Jared 41-42-7 .494 13
9 Erik 41-45-4 .478 14.5
10 Max 36-50-4 .422 19.5
11 Jonah33-55-2 .378 23.5
12 Jay 29-57-4 .344 26.5
The biggest rise in the last week comes from one of the most handsome sportscasters ever to be on radioÍthatÝs right. My team defeated JordanÝs ball club 9-1 to go from ninth to fourth place. This just shows you how close our fantasy league is, and it will only get closer, so keep an eye out for weekly updates right here on the sportsblog. How did I do so well? I guess your team always looks better when you have Albert Pujols hitting 3 homeruns. Scott Kazmir (how I miss you so) struck out 16, and even Carlos BeltranÍthe same Carlos Beltran who used to be goodÍhad two homers. Next week will not be easy though, as I have to take on the division leader, Eugene.
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