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Honda of Ithaca - 2010
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Adam Agata
| May 29, 2008
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Like the AL West, the NL West is arguably the best division in its respective league. There is a lot of good young firepower that should make the race even more interesting come the next few years in the HMLB. As for now, the team that is division champs is the team that, although the youngest team in the division, has playoff experience in the real world. Rosters DIAMONDBACKS 1. Steven Drew- SS 2. Justin Upton- CF 3. Conor Jackson- 1b 4. Carlos Quentin- LF 5. Jack Cust- RF 6. Dan Uggla- 2b 7. Mark Reynolds- 3b 8. Rod Barajas- C Bench: Lyle Overbay, Chris Snyder, Alberto Gonzalez, Chad Tracy, Scott Hairston Rotation: 1. Brandon Webb 2. Brad Penney 3. Vincente Padilla 4. Dave Eveland 5. Micah Owings Closer: Jose Valverde RH: Brian Bruney, Lance Cormier, Oscar Villareal, Duanar Sanchez LH: Greg Smith, Chris Capuano DODGERS 1. Shane Victorino- CF 2. Russell Martin- C 3. Matt Kemp- RF 4. Paul Konerko- 1b 5. Adrian Beltre- 3b 6. Blake Dewitt- 2b 7. Franklin Gutierrez- LF 8. Alex Cora- SS Bench: James Loney, Paul Lo Duca, Chin-Lung Hu, Alejandro De Aza, Wily Aybar Rotation 1. Pedro Martinez 2. Edwin Jackson 3. Chad Billingsley 4. Ted Lilly 5. Hong-Chih Kuo Closer: Jonathan Broxton RH: Joakim Soria Dennis Reyes, Eric Gagne, Scott Proctor, Matt Herges LH: Pedro Feliciano GIANTS 1. Fred Lewis- CF 2. Rich Aurilla- 1b 3. John Bowker- RF 4. Pedro Feliz- 3b 5. Dan Ortmeier- LF 6. Yorvit Torrealba- C 7. Kevin Frandsen- 2b 8. Emmanuel Burris- SS BENCH: Steve Holm, Nate Schierholtz, Brian Bocock, Nick Noonan Rotation 1. Tim Lincecum 2. Matt Cain 3. Noah Lowry 4. Boof Bonser 5. Francisco Liriano Closer: Joe Nathan RH: Scott Linebrink, Keith Foulke, Bob Howry, Brian Wilson, Jeremy Accardo, Solomon Torres LH: Jonathan Sanchez, PADRES 1. Gary Mathews Jr.- CF 2. Khalil Greene- SS 3. Xavier Nady- RF 4. Derek Lee- 1b 5. Paul McAnulty- LF 6. Josh Barfield- 2b 7. Chase Headley- 3b 8. Wil Nieves- C Bench: Matt Antonelli, Will Venavle, Chad Huffman, Nick Hundley Rotation: 1. Jake Peavy 2. Oliver Perez 3. Justin Germano 4. Clay Hensley 5. Tim Stauffer Closer: Clay Condrey RH: Shawn Camp, Doug Brocail, Matt Clement, Cesar Carrillo, Carlos Guevara LH: Wade LeBlanc, Cesar Remos, ROCKIES 1. Juan Pierre- CF 2. Troy Tulowitzki- SS 3. Todd Helton- 1b 4. Matt Holiday- LF 5. Garrett Atkins- 3b 6. Brad Hawpe- RF 7. Juan Uribe- 2b 8. Josh Bard- C Bench: Chone Figgins, Jeff Baker, Chris Iannetta, Ryan Spilborghs, Clint Barmes Rotation: 1. Jeff Francis 2. Aaron Cook 3. Jake Westbrook 4. Jason Jennings 5. Ubaldo Jimenez Closer: Manny Corpas RH: Shawn Chacon, Jamey Wright, Luis Ayala, Justin Miller, Luke Hudson LH: Justin Hampson, LINEUP Speed 1. Rockies 2. Dodgers 3. Giants 4. Diamondbacks 5. Padres Power 1. Diamondbacks 2. Rockies 3. Dodgers 4. Padres 5. Giants Depth 1. Rockies 2. Diamondbacks 3. Dodgers 4. Padres 5. Giants Bench 1. Diamondbacks 2. Dodgers 3. Rockies 4. Padres 5. Giants Fielding 1. Padres 2. Dodgers 3. Rockies 4. Giants 5. Diamondbacks Overall Lineup 1. Diamondbacks 2. Rockies 3. Dodgers 4. Padres 5. Giants PITCHING Rotation 1-3 1. Giants 2. Padres 3. Diamondbacks 4. Rockies 5. Dodgers Rotation 1- 5 1. Diamondbacks 2. Giants 3. Dodgers 4. Rockies 5. Padres Closer 1. Giants 2. Diamondbacks 3. Dodgers 4. Rockies 5. Padres Bullpen 1. Giants 2. Dodgers 3. Diamondbacks 4. Rockies 5. Padres Depth 1. Giants 2. Diamondbacks 3. Dodgers 4. Rockies 5. Padres Overall Pitching 1. Giants 2. Diamondbacks 3. Dodgers 4. Rockies 5. Padres PROJECTED STANDINGS 1. Diamondbacks - These D-backs are very similar to the real ones. Imagine you minus Dan Haren but you add Carlos Quentin, and BAM, you get the HMLB Diamondbacks. Although the pitching is not nearly as good without Haren, Penney is not a bad replacement in the rotation. This team will only get better, especially the lineup. 2. Dodgers The Dodgers have a fine team and look to be one of the main contenders for the Wild Card. The rotation just is not consistent enough for me. There are too many young pitchers that have not proved themselves over a whole season to give this Dodger team a division. 3. Giants The Giants have an amazing young starting pitching staff, but with the inability to develop any sort of offense, they fall into the same category as the Chicago Cubs. I just do not know how far a Pedro Feliz offense can lead this offense. There are some blue chippers in the minors, so the Giants do have some hope, but for 2008 HMLB purposes, no way Jose. 4. Rockies The Rockies are a very good team for a team that finished fourth in the division. I just look up and down the lineup and rotation and bullpen and I see a lot of mediocrity. I know this is a very similar team to the one that won NL pennant last year, but it also very similar to the struggling Rockies of this year. 5. Padres Jake Peavy and Derek Lee are a great foundation for any ball club. But when this is all you have, you begin to worry. The Padres have absolutely no depth, having to bring up hitters and pitchers from AA and AAA that still need seasoning in the minor leagues. It is going to be a long season Padres fans.
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