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Adam Agata
| May 27, 2008
For the first time since 1933, a baseball team from our nationÝs capital will be headed to the playoffs. Ironically, Ryan Zimmerman is the starter in the lineup and John Lannan is the only starter in the rotation that were drafted by the Nats. The rest are products of the Montreal Expos. Rosters BRAVES 1. Rafael Furcal- SS 2. Brian McCann- C 3. Jermaine Dye- LF 4. Chipper Jones- 3b 5. Jeff Francouer- RF 6. Andruw Jones- CF 7. Adam Laroche- 1b 8. Kelly Johnson- 2b Bench: Wes Helms, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Wilson Betemit, Tony Pena, Mark Derosa Rotation: 1. Adam Wainwright 2. Tom Glavine 3. Kevin Millwood 4. Jason Marquis 5. Jason Schmidt Closer: Jorge Campillo RH: Andrew Brown, Joey Devine, Matt Belisle, Zach Minor LH: Jo-Jo Reyes, Kent Mercker MARLINS 1. Edgar Rentaria- SS 2. Mark Kotsay- CF 3. Adrian Gonzalez- 1b 4. Miguel Cabrera- 3b 5. Josh Willingham- LF 6. Jeremy Hermida- RF 7. Matt Traenor- C 8. Luis Castillo- 2b Bench: Randy Winn, Ross Gload, Kevin Millar, Mike Redmond, Alex Gonzalez, Robert Andino Rotation: 1. Josh Beckett 2. Scott Olsen 3. Livan Hernandez 4. Nate Robertson 5. Josh Johnson Closer: Chris Resop RH: Denny Bautista, Harvey Garcia, Logan Kensing, Claudio Vargas LH: Taylor Tankersley METS 1. Jose Reyes- SS 2. Carlos Gomez- RF 3. Lastings Milledge- CF 4. David Wright- 3b 5. Mike Jacobs- 1b 6. Ty Wigginton- 2b 7. Jay Payton- LF 8. Jesus Flores- C Bench: Vance Wilson, Justin Huber, Angel Pagan, Endy Chavez Rotation 1. Scott Kazmir 2. A.J. Burnett 3. Brian Bannister 4. Mike Pelfrey 5. Aaron Heilman Closer: Jason Isringhausen RH: Octavio Dotel, Joe Smith, Matt Lindstrom, Guillermo Mota, Heath Bell, Tyler Walker LH: Jon Niese NATIONALS 1. Grady Sizemore- CF 2. Orlando Cabrera- SS 3. Ryan Zimmerman- 3b 4. Vladimir Guerrero- RF 5. Jason Bay- LF 6. Brandon Phillips- 2b 7. Mark Grudzielanek- 1b 8. Brian Schneider- C Bench: Jamey Carroll, Maicer Izturis, Michael Barrett, Cliff Floyd, Milton Bradley Rotation: 1. Cliff Lee 2. Javier Vazquez 3. Miguel Batista 4. John Lannan 5. Randy Johnson Closer: Chad Cordero RH: Al Reyes, Darrell Rasner, Armando Galarraga, Jason Bergman, Shawn Hill LH: Bill Bray PHILLIES 1. Jimmy Rollins- SS 2. Michael Bourn- CF 3. Chase Utley- 2b 4. Ryan Howard- 1b 5. Pat Burrell- LF 6. Scott Rolen- 3b 7. Marlon Byrd- RF 8. Carlos Ruiz- C Bench: Marlon Anderson, Johnny Estrada, Jason Michaels, Nick Punto, Jason Jaramillo Rotation 1. Cole Hamels 2. Brett Myers 3. Randy Wolf 4. Carlos Silva 5. Gavin Floyd Closer: Ryan Madsen RH: Adam Eaton, Kyle Kendrick, Geoff Geary, Scott Mathieson LH: Mike Zagurski, J.A. Happ LINEUP Speed 1. Mets 2. Phillies 3. Nationals 4. Braves 5. Marlins Power 1. Nationals 2. Braves 3. Phillies 4. Marlins 5. Mets Depth 1. Braves 2. Marlins 3. Nationals 4. Phillies 5. Mets Bench 1. Braves 2. Marlins 3. Nationals 4. Phillies 5. Mets Fielding 1. Nationals 2. Mets 3. Braves 4. Phillies 5. Marlins Overall Lineup 1. Nationals 2. Braves 3. Phillies 4. Marlins 5. Mets PITCHING Rotation 1-3 1. Marlins 2. Nationals 3. Mets 4. Phillies 5. Braves Rotation 1-5 1. Nationals 2. Phillies 3. Marlins 4. Braves 5. Mets Closer 1. Nationals 2. Mets 3. Phillies 4. Marlins 5. Braves Bullpen 1. Mets 2. Nationals 3. Phillies 4. Marlins 5. Braves Depth 1. Nationals 2. Marlins 3. Mets 4. Phillies 5. Braves Overall Pitching 1. Nationals 2. Marlins 3. Mets 4. Phillies 5. Braves PROJECTED STANDINGS 1. Nationals - Yes, the Nationals would win the division. Overall, the Nats have the best pitching and hitting in the division, so this is their division to lose. The lineup has a great mix of rising stars and veterans that make this team very scary, but how does the pitching hold up against the rest of the NL when October comes around? 2. Marlins ˝ The Marlins have very good depth, but what worries me is the starting rotation. There is too much inconsistency. On any given day this could be the best rotation in baseball, but it could also be among the worst. This will hurt the Marlins come September, but how will it affect the teamÝs Wild Card chances. 3. Phillies ˝ When I look at the Phillies, I see a good team. This team has a chance at the Wild Card, but I just see this squad being very disappointing in the end. The bullpen will lose a lot of games for this team, and although the top of the lineup is great, the bottom is not the lineup of a division winner. 4. Braves ˝ The Braves are the Blue Jays of the National League. A few years ago, this team would be on top of the division easily. Now, the team would be counting on too many veterans that are past their prime, especially in the rotation. 5. Mets ˝ Now you see why the real Mets really have to count on free agency to win. Except for Reyes, Wright, Kazmir, and Burnett, the team will fear more than it will be feared.
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Eugene Karlik | May 27, 2008, 6:13pm
Good work. But, I have a few nitpicks... Not to be a homer, but the Braves lineup is easily better than the National's lineup. First, Andruw has obviously been quite awful this season, as well as last. While I'm not confident that he won't rebound, I'd like to replace him in this line-up. There are two options that I see: 1. Gregor Blanco- a very solid young player who'll get on base a ton, steal bases, and play good defense. 2. Be a little creative. Furcal to CF-with his speed he can definitely handle it. Esco to SS--even without Furcal moving, Esco should at least be on the bench. Although he is Cuban, he was a 2nd round pick of the Braves. So he should be eligible. If you take care of the Andruw problem, you end up with either Adam LaRoche or Frenchy as probably your worst hitter. Now, in my opinion, that's damn impressive. You're talking Chipper, Furcal, McCann--three guys whose OPS is at or above 1.000. Then there's Dye, who is a very good hitter. If you do put Furcal in CF and get Esco in there, you have another near All-Star level SS, and in Kelly, you have a guy who not many people recognize to be, but nevertheless is, a top 5 2b in the game. On the balance, I think that lineup would be better than the current Braves lineup, which is pretty awesome. It would definitely be better than the Nats-- Vlad is a substantial upgrade over Frenchy. Bay is an upgrade over Dye. Furcal of this year is better than Sizemore, but overall I'd call it a wash. If we have to go with Blanco, then Sizemore takes this. Phillips and KJ are close, but I favor KJ. Phillips is helped tremendously by playing in Cincy's bandbox. I suppose LaRoche and Grudz are roughly a wash, though LaRoche is usually better. Everywhere else the Braves are better. Chipper is way better than Zimm. Either Furcal or Esco are way better than Cabrera, and of course the difference between McCann and Schneider is like the difference between VBR and Slope Radio. So I'd have to say the Braves lineup is overall better, and I would say the same of the Phils' lineup, which is already one of the best in baseball, and is just augmented by Rolen, who's an upgrade over what they have now. Also, Boyer for the Braves pen!
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