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HMLB AL Summary
Adam Agata
| May 26, 2008
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Overall, it was a very successful year in the American League. The AL dominated in Interleague Play, and even the weakest of teams in the junior circuit could have competed in the National League. Here are the standings: [[link|url=]]HM LB AL East[[end- link]] 1.
Red Sox9171- .562
3.Orioles77< td>8514.475
5.Blue Jays748817.457
[[link|url= p?page=sportsblog&id=130]]HMLB AL Central[[end- link]]
2.White Sox837916.512
5.Royals729027.4 44
[[link|url=]]HM LB AL West[[end- link]] 1.
Rangers9567- .586
3.Angels 87758.537
And the playoffs will end up looking like this: Seattle v. Cleveland Boston v. Texas As for postseason awards, this is how I would see them playing out: AL MVP 1. Hanley Ramirez BOS˝ 33 HR, 99 RBI, .341/.399/.590, 11 triples, 45 sb Ramirez is the clear offensive leader on this very young, but very successful Red Sox squad. Playing in one of the weakest pitching divisions in baseball, Ramirez will take full advantage of balls up in the strike zone, earning his first career MVP. 2. Alex Rodriguez SEA 3. Manny Ramirez CLE 4. Alfonso Soriano NY 5. Magglio Ordonez CHI 6. Josh Hamilton TAM 7. Victor Martinez CLE 8. Ian Kinsler TEX 9. Fausto Carmona CLE 10. Kevin Youkilis BOS CY Young 1. Fausto Carmona CLE 2. Jonathan Papelbon BOS 3. Chris Young TEX 4. Chien-Ming Wang NY 5. Francisco Rodriguez LA Manager of the Year (Yes. When a player gets drafted or signed, he is stuck with that team for life. Some managers have been with their team for over 40 years.) 1. Eric Wedge BOS 2. Bud Black SEA 3. Lou Piniella CLE Tomorrow I will begin the National League!
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