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Monday Afternoon Fantasy Update
Adam Agata
| May 26, 2008
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So its not Monday afternoon, but I had to enjoy a lovely Memorial Day, filled with great BBQ and of course, baseball. Anyway, here's how our fantasy league is going:
RankWVBR SportscasterRecordPercentageGames Back
1 Eugene50-24-6 .663 -
2 Ben46-30-4 .600 5
3 Jordan 43-31-6 .575 7
4 Alex 39-37-4 .513 12
5 Kurt 40-38-2 .513 12
6 Jase 38-37-5 .506 12.5
7 Erik 37-39-4 .488 14
8 Jared 36-38-6 .488 14
9 Adam 35-39-6 .475 15
10 Max 35-41-4 .463 16
11 Jonah28-50-2 .363 24
12 Jay 27-50-3 .356 24.5
The only real change in the standings was the fall of the Fighting Jared Feldmen. His team went 2-7-1 against the Jordan Gremli Gremlins, which dropped Jared from 5th place (9.5 GB) to 8th place (14 GB). It is not like anyone on Jaredís team did poorly though. His biggest problem was that he never replaced Andruw Jones, who was placed on the 15-day DL and did not participate last week. Jared had a great effort from his pitching (2.73 ERA, 6 wins, 1.06 whip), but Jordanís team was just too much. Led by Dan Uggla (3 homeruns), Jordan was able to lead most offensive categories. He had five players with at least 5 RBIís (Morneau, B. Molina, C. Young, Guerrerro, and Uggla) and F. Rodriguez had four saves. Jordan won the saves categories 4- 3.
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