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Adam Agata
| May 22, 2008
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The AL West is by far the best division in baseball. I do not want to give too much away, but it is the only division I did not have to fish up any players from the minor leagues from any team. The division will be a tight one, with all four teams being within 10 games of each other at season's end, and the teams that did not win the division will be right in contention for the wild card. But who wins the AL West? Do you agree with who I will choose? ROSTERS ANGELS 1. Howie Kendrick- 2b 2. Jim Edmonds- CF 3. Casey Kotchman-1b 4. Troy Glaus- 3b 5. Garrett Anderson- DH 6. Mike Napoli- C 7. Erick Aybar- SS 8. Reggie Willets- LF 9. Darin Erstad- RF Bench: Bengie Molina, Damion Easley, Alberto Callaspo, Mark Sweeney Rotation 1. John Lackey 2. Joe Saunders 3. Ervin Santana 4. Jarred Weaver 5. Jarrod Washburn Closer: Francisco Rodriguez RH: Bobby Jenks, Troy Percival, Scott Shields, Edwar Ramirez, Chris Bootcheck LH: Scott Schoeneweiss ATHLETICS 1. Eric Byrnes- LF 2. Ryan Ludwick- DH 3. Nick Swisher- CF 4. Miguel Tejada- 2b 5. Jason Giambi- 1b 6. Emil Brown- RF 7. Eric Chavez- 3b 8. Gerald Laird- C 9. Bobby Crosby- SS Bench: Ramon Hernandez, Mark Teahan, Andre Ethier, Esteban German Rotation 1. Tim Hudson 2. Rich Harden 3. Jeremy Bonderman 4. Joe Blanton 5. Barry Zito Closer: Kevin Gregg RH: Santiago Casilla, Houston Street, Tyler Yates, Luis Vizcaino LH: John Rheinieker, Mark Mulder MARINERS 1. Adam Jones- CF 2. Jose Lopez- 2b 3. Ken Griffey Jr.- RF 4. Alex Rodriguez- 3b 5. David Ortiz- DH 6. Raul Ibanez- LF 7. Omar Vizquel- SS 8. Greg Dobbs 9. Jason Varitek- C Bench: Asdrubal Cabrera, Wladimir Balentien, Jeff Clement, Jose Cruz Jr., Rotation: 1. Felix Hernandez 2. Derek Lowe 3. Gil Meche 4. Shawn Estes 5. Joel Pineiro Closer: J.J. Putz RH: Brandon Morrow, Rafael Soriano, Aquilino Lopez LH: George Sherrill, Damoso Marte, Brian Fuentes RANGERS 1. Ian Kinsler- 2b 2. Hank Blalock- 3b 3. Edwin Encarnacion- SS 4. Mark Teixeira- 1b 5. Carlos Pena- DH 6. Ivan Rodriguez- C 7. Brandon Boggs- RF 8. Craig Monroe- CF 9. Scott Podsednik- LF Bench: Travis Hafner, Mike Lamb, German Duran Rotation 1. Chris Young 2. Edinson Volquez 3. Aaron Harang 4. Kenny Rogers 5. Ryan Dempster Closer: C.J. Wilson RH: Nick Masset, Joaquin Benoit, Doug Mathis LH: Doug Davis, John Danks, Darren Oliver, Scott Eyre LINEUP Speed 1. Rangers 2. Angels 3. Mariners 4. Athletics Power 1. Mariners 2. Rangers 3. Athletics 4. Angels Depth 1. Mariners 2. Angels 3. Athletics 4. Rangers Bench 1. Athletics 2. Mariners 3. Angels 4. Rangers Fielding 1. Rangers 2. Mariners 3. Angels 4. Athletics Overall Lineup 1. Mariners 2. Rangers 3. Athletics 4. Angels PITCHING Rotation 1-3 1. Rangers 2. Athletics 3. Angels 4. Mariners Rotation 1-5 1. Athletics 2. Angels 3. Rangers 4. Mariners Closer 1. Angels 2. Mariners 3. Rangers 4. Athletics Bullpen 1. Angels 2. Mariners 3. Athletics 4. Rangers Depth 1. Athletics 2. Mariners 3. Angels 4. Rangers Overall Pitching 1. Angels 2. Athletics 3. Mariners 4. Rangers PROJECTED STANDINGS 1. Rangers - The biggest criticism for the Rangers has been the lack of quality pitchers. The Rangers have developed some fine pitchers, but unfortunately for Texas fans, they ship those pitchers away before they flourish. The reputation of developing hitters holds true, and although the outfield is weak, when you have Travis Hafner sitting on the bench, you know you have a strong ball club. 2. Mariners Why are these Mariners so good and the real Mariners are not? Most of the impact players in the hypothetical roster (16 of the 25 total) were signed or drafted by the Mariners before the 2000 season, and even some of those were signed prior to the expansion year of 1993. Overall, the Mariners have a legit shot at winning the Wild Card, but this may be the last year as the Ms seem to be getting very old. 3. Angels The Angels essentially have the same starting rotation as they do in real life, but the offense just does not have the impact bat to put the Halos ahead of the Mariners or Rangers. The bullpen is phenomenal, but I can not see one player in the starting lineup hit over 20 homeruns. 4. Athletics The Athletics have a great reputation for developing players, yet why are they in last place. Do not be deceived by this last place finish. The Athletics have a deep lineup and rotation, but after looking at the players, they just will not be able to compete with the other teams in the division. In any other division in hypothetical baseball, Oakland could be anywhere from a division leader to third place. The AL West is just too deep and strong. TOMORROW: AL Wild Card PREVIOUS: [[link|url= &id=128]]Hypothetical Major League Baseball Introduction[[end- link]] [[link|url=]]HMLB AL East[[end- link]] [[link|url=]]HMLB AL Central[[end-link]]
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