Bound For Glory

Sunday | 08:00PM - 11:00PM


On a Sunday night in September 1967, Phil Shapiro made his first Ithaca broadcast on WVBR's Bound for Glory, presenting folk music of all sorts and kinds to the Central New York listening audience.

Now, fifty years and more than 1,500 concerts later, WVBR's Bound for Glory continues to provide free, live folk concerts on over thirty Sunday evenings per year. Stop by the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall on the Cornell University campus, or tune in on WVBR, in Ithaca or on the Internet. The show runs from 8 to 11 pm (ET) and there are three live sets at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30.

The start of the 30th year marked a change for BFG. A group of supporters of the show have created an organization called the Friends of Bound for Glory, Inc., with the intent to raise funds from the community to upgrade the Bound for Glory equipment, much of which was years out of date. Those interested in more info or in making a contribution can write the Friends of Bound for Glory, Inc., PO Box 173, Ithaca, New York 14851. You can now donate online via Friends of Bound for Glory web page.

This fall, we mark the start of BFG's 50th season, oh my! WVBR's Bound for Glory and our own Phil Shapiro have gotten lots of media coverage, and we're delighted! If you've just heard about us in the news, welcome. Join us on an upcoming Sunday night in the live audience, or listen online.

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Upcoming Spring 2018 Shows

JAN. 28 DAN DUGGAN AND PEGGY LYNN. Dan is one of America’s very best Hammer Dulcimer players. Peggy is a fine songwriter and has a great voice to go with the songs. Years ago, Dan appeared on Bound for Glory several times. It’s great to have him back. A fine way to start 2018.

FEB. 4 KYLE CAREY. Please welcome back this outstanding songwriter and song finder. She’s got a distinctive voice and a way with the audience that you’ll remember. Plus a little bit of Scots Gallic, which always surprises all of us. One of a kind.

FEB. 11 ARISE AND GO. Arise and Go is a remarkable and fairly new regional Celtic band. Tim Ball joins with Ellie Goud and Michael Roddy for an excellent collection of Celtic tunes and songs, many of which you’ve never heard before. Charming,lovely, and very tight and good.

FEB. 18 Albums from the Studios. Cornell February Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

FEB. 25 RICHIE AND ROSIE. Richie Stearns and Rosie Newton start off with American Old Time music, on banjo and fiddle. The creativity grows from there, with outstanding homemade songs and tunes, and amazing instrumental flexibllity. They have a lot of respect for the folk tradition, and bring it along to today.

MAR. 4 MUSTARD’S RETREAT. Mustard’s Retreat makes you feel like you’re in your own house with a couple of marvelous musicians on the couch. Informal, very magical. Over time they’ve written more and more of their own songs, but they’ve always kept a connection to the music that’s come before. This time, maybe a trio?

MAR. 11 MICHAEL JERLING with TONY MARKELLIS. Been a while. Let’s welcome back outstanding songwriter Michael Jerling. Michael has a grand and unusual sense of humor, and he writes about anything that strikes his fancy. A delightful and unusual performer. .

MAR. 18 ALFIE SMITH AND NICOLE CHRISTIAN. Alfie and Nicole are among Ontario’s finest singers and players. You can hear blues in what they do, and country, too. They take all kinds of songs and give them their own twists. We’ve been trying to arrange a date them on Bound for Glory for several years. Don’t miss them.

MAR. 25 JOHN SPECKER. John Specker is an amazing fiddler and a dramatic and exciting singer and performer. Songs and tunes from the American folk tradition. We can’t, and won’t, compare him with anybody else.

On APRIL1 and APRIL 8, WVBR’s Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Spring Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory folk concert broadcast? APRIL 15, with BILL STAINES. Also coming this Spring: DAN BERGGREN, and ANDY COHEN.

This past fall...

AUG. 27 DEBRA COWAN. Debra Cowan is a singer and interpreter of great songs, old and new. Some of her songs are centuries old, some were written yesterday. Songs with excellent choruses. She’s got a good sense of humor, and is just a delightful performer. A fine way to start our 51st year.

SEPT.3 LARRY KAPLAN. Larry Kaplan writes songs that other people sing and record, and many of them don’t know where they come from. Larry Kaplan is a hero, a writer of strong songs that travel before him. He’s both laid back and charming, and his first Bound for Glory performance will be a very special show.

SEPT. 10 BROTHER SUN. Alas, it’s the last Bound for Glory for this wonderful folk trio. Pat Wictor, Joe Jencks, and Greg Greenway have taken the folk world by storm. This is one of their last shows as a trio, and let’s enjoy their magic. We can sing with them, and we can share their excellent songwriting, and amazing playing, too.

SEPT. 17 LESLIE LEE & STEVE GRETZ. Leslie and Steve are both song writers and song finders. They have a wonderful large repertoire of excellent songs from all over the folk world, and some excellent harmonies to go with them. They’re from Rochester. Let’s welcome them back.

SEPT. 24 CLAUDIA SCHMIDT. She’ll leave you with a smile. Claudia Schmidt, from Michigan, is a writer of tremendous flexibility. She writes about just about everything, with a wry sense of humor, and an ability to talk right to you. We’re so very pleased to have her back on Bound for Glory.

OCT. 1 RICK SHEA. We’ve been trying to get a date together for Rick Shea for several years, and he’s coming to do his first live Bound for Glory. Rick is from California, and his songs reflect the rural world that he lives in. He passes along not the intense urban part of California, but the realities connected to the rest of the state.

On OCTOBER 8, Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes Fall Break, and we’re following the Cornell calendar. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. There will be seven more live shows in the late Fall, starting OCTOBER 15, including visits from CASTLEBAY, BOB BOVEE, ERNEST TROOST, MARK MANDEVILLE and RAIANNE RICHARDS, and more. Details to follow.

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