Ithaca's Real Rock Radio Station
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Ryan McGuire
About Me
Vestal, NY
I'm an avid photographer and abstract artist � visit to see the spaceship car. I play the piano, wear bells, and pretty much play the harmonica everywhere I go. I fly kites on parking garages, partake in solo-travel, engage strangers, read, write poetry, build websites, act, and about hundred other things.
Hidden Talent
I have the ability to speak to mice, chinchillas, GI Joe action figures, and telephone poles...but so do you.
Favorite Food
Musical Tastes
Favorite Bands
Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Joe Cocker, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Beethoven, Radiohead, etc.
Best Concert
  Ever Attended
There have been so many... One of my favorites would have to be Richie Havens at the Ithaca High School. It was amazing to watch the man who was the opening act at the original Woodstock.
My Story
Why I Work
for WVBR
To dominate the airwaves, be as wacky as possible while staying under the FCCs radar, and to make our listeners stop and think, �How did he get a monkey in the studio?�
About Me
If I knew karate I could fight a Ninja.
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