I asked Congressman Tom Reed about his calls to defund Cornell University...

Posted about 3 years ago by Matt Harkins

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Posted by Matt Harkins

On May 3rd, Tom Reed visited Cornell University to conduct a town hall on college affordability.

I tried to press him on how he could credibly tell the students in attendance that he cares about reducing the cost of our education when just over a year ago he called for the elimination of Cornell's federal and state subsidies. His call came in the wake of the infamous misleading "ISIS Club" video, which was filmed and edited in a way to make it seem like Cornell administrators were about to fund a club to give goody bags to ISIS fighters.

He didn't really give an answer and tried to deflect the discussion back to me. Ultimately he pulled the "let's agree to disagree" card and criticized my attempt to silence an investigation into the aforementioned video.

The only editing to this clip was an amplification of Tom Reed's voice.

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