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Honda of Ithaca - 2010
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Jordan Wechsler
| May 7, 2014

Because this is the last time Jillian and I will be on the radio together for a while, so we made a theme for this week, 'It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later', playing songs that are about leaving places of comfort, saying goodbye to friends, and changing times.

Isaac Kruger
| September 16, 2014

An online shopper in the UK ordered a loaf of bread from British supermarket chain Tesco, and instead received a whole octopus. I think it raises the question- what sort of supermarket runs out of bread but still has a fully stocked octopus department? Read more about it at the link below:

Nico Campalans
| September 16, 2014

Dallas Bennett
| September 15, 2014

Hey If you liked the Foo Fighters "Best of You" check out this neat interview. Has some pretty awesome background to their history and style!

Grace Shih
| September 15, 2014

Here are the two stories I covered on You Idiot! today

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