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Jordan Wechsler
| May 7, 2014

Because this is the last time Jillian and I will be on the radio together for a while, so we made a theme for this week, 'It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later', playing songs that are about leaving places of comfort, saying goodbye to friends, and changing times.

September 17, 2014

Looking at these outfits had us wondering - what were you thinking putting that there?

Isaac Kruger
| September 16, 2014

An online shopper in the UK ordered a loaf of bread from British supermarket chain Tesco, and instead received a whole octopus. I think it raises the question- what sort of supermarket runs out of bread but still has a fully stocked octopus department? Read more about it at the link below:

Nico Campalans
| September 16, 2014

Dallas Bennett
| September 15, 2014

Hey If you liked the Foo Fighters "Best of You" check out this neat interview. Has some pretty awesome background to their history and style!

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