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93 Seconds on From White Plains
Mark H. Anbinder
| October 13, 2013


Now playing at the Kitchen Theatre is "From White Plains," a play by Michael Perlman whose characters explore high school bullying and homophobia... fifteen years after the fact. 

Set in the wake of the Academy Awards, at which a young filmmaker has won an Oscar for a movie that outs a high school bully, "From White Plains" has some honest and stark dialog as well as light moments. 

From White Plains photo courtesy of Kitchen Theatre"It was high school, I was an asshole to everyone," says the one-time bully, as he takes a difficult look at his behavior of the past. He puts out an apology as an Internet video, half-hearted at first, but as the filmmaker continues to rant, he realizes more and more that his words have had consequences.
The play uses just four cast members, not counting the off-stage YouTube generation, as well as phone calls and text messages, to tell a story that resonates with current events. The bully comes to realize even his best friend is uncomfortable, and the filmmaker's boyfriend watches as he won't let go of the online arguments.
"The play presents so many points of view about guilt, responsibility, and remorse," says Kitchen Theatre artistic director Rachel Lampert, who introduced the performance. The four actors are Equity members who've been working together for a few years as part of Fault Line Theatre.
Tickets are available online at or by calling 607-272-0570, with student and senior discounts available. Check the schedule for cast and crew talkbacks, pre-show talks, wine tasting, reception, matinees, and other events.
"From White Plains," now through November 10th at the Kitchen Theatre.
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John Simon from Ithaca | October 27, 2013, 4:17pm
We went to the Friday evening show with our 11th Grade daughter and were mesmerized by the show. We stayed for a talk-back session and continued the conversation on the walk home and then around the kitchen table. Highly recommended! I'd love for teenagers to see this in droves - but it's great for former teenagers, as well.
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