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Music Scrobbling
| June 17, 2013
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A crash course into music scrobbling.

Possibly the best way (and only way I use) to discover new music, scrobbling introduces a new method of music exposure. Simply put, scrobbling takes music that you have listened to and puts in new artists that best match the music you listen to. There are a multitude of websites that offer this; just Google music scrobbling!

The ones I use most often are Pandora and The key to music scrobbling for maximum exposure? In my opinion, listen to everything they put on! You never know if you'll like it, and chances are, you will! Being more specific with your search term can also help termendously, but it also limits your options. Sites like are slightly better in that they tag artists under multiple tags (some of which are pretty specific), but I suggest starting broad, then looking at your history and finding common tags among your favorite artists!

Scrobbling is how I find new music now, and I highly suggest you guys check it out! Most sites are free, with an option to pay for no ads and other features.

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