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Radiohead? Pheesh, Alex prefers real music...
Alex Yip
| October 10, 2007
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Listening to the "Top Ten at Ten" I think I have to say that Radiohead is not my cup of tea... I'm more of a Muse fan. If you haven't heard of the best band ever, Muse, I definitely suggest you listen to them. They've drawn a lot of comparisons to Radiohead, but in my opinion, they're a lot better since they incorporate a piano, great guitar riffs, and psychedelic choruses. They do so many great things on their four cds, Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, and Black Holes and Revelations. But definitely, if you have never heard of Muse, I suggest listening to some tracks from Origin of Symmetry. I believe when it came out, NME gave it a 9/10 so it's just that good. Go DL the song Plug In Baby, New Born, or Space Dementia. You won't be disappointed...
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