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Album Spotlight 5/11: Vulture Street - Powderfinger (2003)
| May 11, 2012
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The best of new and old, the adored and the forgotten; it’s the Album Spotlight on WVBR! There are bound to be some tracks here you recognize and some you may be hearing for the first time – join me every Friday afternoon from 3-7 as I bring you the Album Spotlight: a showcase of albums, from those you’ve played so much the record doesn’t even play anymore to ones you may have never had the pleasure of hearing. This week, I take a look at Australian rock group Powderfinger’s fifth studio album, Vulture Street!


Vulture Street – Powderfinger (2003)


The Primer

3:00 hour – Love Your Way

Cutting Deeper

4:00 hour – Roll Right By You

The Hit

5:00 hour – (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind

Parting Shot

6:00 hour – Sunsets



If you haven’t heard of Powderfinger, you’ve probably never been to Australia. It’s not that the United States didn’t respond well to them, it’s that they’ve never really payed too much heed to the concept of international fame, despite their runaway success in their home country. That’s no excuse for not listening to them however, and Vulture Street is one of the best initiations you can get to their music.


Vulture Street came on the heels of an incredibly successful effort, and like most bands do when they achieve fame and fortune, they decided to experiment a bit. For Powderfinger, that meant having more fun making a record, and Vulture Street is the product of that mentality. An album that never takes itself too seriously, Vulture Street is a great introduction to a great band. Check them out. Seriously.


Fun Fact:

The band’s name is based off of the song of the same name by their musical inspiration, Neil Young.

Other tracks to look at:


How Far Have We Really Come


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