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In Rainbows...In Rainbows...In Rainbows....
| October 9, 2007
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Currently sitting at my computer tapping my foot and waiting for the downloading of Radiohead's ''In Rainbows'' to begin. I'm downright jittery. I want to see if the album is good, of course, but I'm as excited to see whether or not their server is going to crash. As many as 500,000 downloading an entire album from the same website? Can it really handle all the stress? I predict a riot... NME and other sources are reporting that the album will be released at 10AM BST (that's 5AM our time), so while I'm sitting here waiting for the mayhem to begin, I decided to put together a list of scenarios. One of the following things is probably going to happen when this album is released. Over/Under included. '''THINGS THAT MIGHT HAPPEN WHEN RADIOHEAD RELEASES ''IN RAINBOWS'' ''' * The album is great. ''Odds: 2 to 1'' * The album sucks. ''Odds: 10 to 1'' * The downloading goes off without a hitch. ''Odds: 50 to 1'' * crashes at some point in the next 24 hours. ''Odds: 4 to 1'' * Pitchfork gives the album a 10. ''Odds: 5 to 1'' * Pitchfork gives the album less than 9.0. ''Odds: 1000 to 1'' * Thom Yorke posts something mysterious in Radiohead's [[link|url=]]blog[[end-link]] in the next week. ''Odds: 10 to 1'' * Thom Yorke posts something about Global Warming in the blog in the next week. ''Odds: 3 to 1'' * Radiohead releases a traditional version of In Rainbows in December. Right around holiday shopping time!! ''Odds: 2 to 1'' * Radiohead fans are initially disappointed, then learn to love the album. But then they complain anyway. ''Odds: 1 to 1''
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