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Bruce Springsteen Delivers Keynote Address at SXSW
| March 15, 2012
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As thousands pour into Austin for the Annual South By Southwest Musics Festival, the Boss kicks off the weekend with the keynote address.

Springsteen has been a hot topic lately. From his new album to his regular shoutouts on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the recent loss of E Street legend, Clarence Clemons.  When you think about it, the Boss has been at the center of rock n'roll since Born To Run. He hasn't looked back and neither have we. As if his riveting 3 hour concerts aren't enough for you already, South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin presented Springsteen as their keynote speaker today. NPR streamed the address live at 12pm today.

I wasn't fortunate enough to catch the broadcast but I look forward to seeing it in NPR's public archives soon!

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