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Album Spotlight – In the Mountain, In the Cloud – Portugal. The Man (2011)
| March 9, 2012
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Be sure to tune in to WVBR here at or over the airwaves, 93.5FM and 105.5FM, from 3-7 on Fridays as Ben showcases an album lost in the sands of time or a wildly popular one with some deep cuts that you have to check out on the Album Spotlight! This week it’s Portugal. The Man’s sixth studio album, In the Mountain, In the Cloud!


3:00 hour – Share With Me the Sun

4:00 hour – So American

5:00 hour – All Your Light (Times Like These)

6:00 hour – Sleep Forever


Portugal. The Man’s sixth album, In the Mountain, In the Cloud, was released last July and was the first that saw any kind of mainstream success, likely due to a strong promoting effort through YouTube by the band and as a function of their first album on a major record label, Atlantic Records.

In the Mountain, In the Cloud would be the perfect kind of music to be listening to when driving on a country road late at night. It has a certain quality to it that takes you away from the world and is able to transport you to a new place. There is a subtle air about the melodies that they blend into each song that makes them feel like something familiar and yet something totally different at the same time. Lead singer John Gourley hearkens back to psychedelic rock of old with a unique sound that complements the melodies perfectly.

The entire album is available streaming for free from their website here so there’s no excuse not to check out the great tunes. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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