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Album Spotlight: Coda – Led Zeppelin (1982)
| February 24, 2012
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3:00 hour – Walter’s Walk

4:00 hour – Darlene

5:00 hour – Hey Hey What Can I Do

6:00 hour – Baby Come On Home


Following John Bonham’s death in September of 1980, Led Zeppelin had been officially broken up as a band, and it seemed the music world would never get the opportunity to listen to any new Led Zeppelin music. While this statement still holds true today, there hasn’t been any more new music sans Bonzo, they did grace the fans with Coda, the aptly named epilogue to a legendary music group.

Coda was originally released in 1982, and featured eight songs previously unreleased by the group to the general public. It was a parting gift to the music world and to a lesser extent a tribute to the man they lost, what I like to call the “backbone” of Led Zeppelin, John “Bonzo” Bonham. It becomes evident this isn’t just another album after you listen to “Bonzo’s Montreux,” which isn’t so much a song, as a one man jam session that featured the great talent of “The Beast.”

In 1993, when Led Zeppelin put out a remastered CD discography, Coda got another four songs tacked on to the end of the album, which never were released on any other version of the album.

Although you can tell upon a quick listen that this doesn’t quite have the cohesiveness that all of the other Led Zeppelin studio albums have, it has a unique charm to it and you can get a much more diverse and eclectic blend of styles that paint the group in a much different light than any of their other albums. John Paul Jones in particular shines in some of the songs where his masterful talent with a huge variety of instruments is very apparent, and the piano part in “Darlene” is just fantastic.

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