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Review of Demetri Martin
| February 17, 2012
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Demetri Martin: Telling Jokes In Cold Places



“With no bullshiting, this was one of the best shows on the tour”, said Demetri Martin as he was ending his show.


The Yale graduate comedian is a genius, using his smarts to entertain he world and last night Ithaca.  There was never a dull moment at the packed State Theatre filled with mostly college students.  Every one of Martin’s jokes worked and led to a room filled of laughter. 


I cannot re-tell any of his jokes, because he will be shooting his new Comedy Central special tomorrow in New York City and most of his material done at the show last night will go into the special.


The witty comedian made fun of futuristic bathrooms, word-play, and of course his sketches which involved possible inventions, and graphs.


There isn’t much more to tell besides, Martin is the king of one-liners, and last night was a prime example of it.

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