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Review Of The Pink Floyd Experience
| February 17, 2012
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"Seriously, Who In College Town Needs Education or Thoughts Controlled?"



In the words of Patrick Fugit (aka William Miller from “Almost Famous”) “the guitar sound is incendiary…incendiary.”


That was what went through my head while watching Tom Quinn, magically and carefully wail on guitar.  How can one carefully wail on a guitar?  It seems like an oxy moron, but Quinn played every note perfectly in the style of Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmore.  The Pink Floyd Experience didn’t just play the show as if you were listening to the Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Album and then a greatest hits record, but rather as if you were hearing a live Pink Floyd show.  With Quinn going off on solo tangents and Jesse Molloy playing the part of the sexy sax man, PFX rocked the State Theater.


He made his appearance known playing the sax, keyboard, cowbell and backing vocals.  He was most applauded for his playing during “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and “Wish You Were Here”.


Yet like all cover bands, they’re only as good as their lead vocalist, but I would say Zach Throne did a decent job.  He sounded like a younger version of Roger Waters but with the help of Quinn and Molloy of backing vocals, the three of them seemed to nail all of the harmonies. 


Overall the entire Wish You Were Here album was incredible.  The show started with a projection and the noise of a record playing on a turntable.  After they played “Welcome to the Machine,” the projection went from showing trippy, psychedelic backgrounds to the turntable arm turning off and a hand flipping over to side two and playing the second side.  If one closed their eyes they would have thought they were listening to a live version on the album. 


The second set, was all Pink Floyd classics including “Time”, “Money”, “Learning To Fly”, and “Hey You”.  The last two songs of the show were “Comfortably Numb” and “Another Brick In the Wall (Part II)”.  Quinn mastered what is arguably one of the greatest guitar solos of all time, and Throne got the crowd involved to sing and shout along the lyrics to “Another Brick In The Wall.”  There was no better place to be on a Wednesday night than at the State Theater listening to some Pink Floyd.  Seriously, in this college town, who needs education or thoughts controlled?

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