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Wittman Pokes Fun at Dad for LINSANITY
| February 10, 2012
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Cornell Alumn Ryan Wittman tells dad "I did a better job of stopping Jeremy Lin than you did!"

Randy Wittman, father of Cornell basketball star Ryan Wittman, is the new head coach of the Washington Wizards.  On Wed. Night Jeremy Lin lit up the Wizards for 23 points and 10 assists leading to a Knicks victory over the Wizards.  After the game, Ryan texted his dad "I did a better job of stopping Jeremy Lin than you did!", jokingly.  Ryan played J-Lin in college in the Ivy League.  Lin went to Harvard and the two had a big rivarly going throughout their college careers.  I love Ryan Wittman for what he did for Cornell basketball, but as a Die Heart Knick fan, there's no stopping LINSANITY!!!

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