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This year's half time show
| February 6, 2012
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This year's halftime show was significantly better than last year's.

But then again, I can think of few shows that would be worse than Fergie completely butchering Sweet Child O' Mine. As a Guns N' Roses fan, it was complete and utter murder of the song. I couldn't hear it for about a month afterward without being reminded of that terrible performance.

However, Superbowl 46's halftime show was, in my opinion, one of the best we had in the past 5 years. Madonna was the star of the show this year, singing a mix of songs by herself, LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, and Cee Lo Green. As a music enthusiast, it was interesting to see Madonna perform alongside artists a generation younger than herself. Overall, it was a decent performance. Cirque du Soleil performed excellently, as expected. The Indian University Marching Hundred also performed, entering with Cee Lo. As a former drumline member, it was very impressive how they managed to keep coordinated, especially considering that there are 100 drums! Madonna sung beautifully in conjunction with the other artists, performing amazing duets and showing that, even at age 53, she still has the abilities to keep up with the current generation!

However, the choice of songs were iffy, at best. It seemed to be geared toward the younger generation, from the ages of 18 to 25. Yes, the world is getting younger, but I would think that the majority of fans out there are slightly older, probably 26 to 45. Yes, they would be familiar with Madonna, but the other artists? Doubtful, though I'm sure they have heard their music before. There was also an issue of a birdie being present during the performance, as well as other possible censorship issues. We try to keep the Superbowl as family friendly as possible...

Overall, a much better performance compared to what we had over the past 5 years, though still not what I would call amazing or awesome. Rather, it was an entertaining and interesting performance with some good music performed by an amazing artist. Let me know you think of this show!

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