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Sports Guy in a Music World
Adam Agata
| October 5, 2007
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Ok, I just DJed for the first time last Wednesday! It was pretty sweet if you missed it. Of course, those of you who are passionate WVBR listeners may have thought my voice to be familiar. I have been around for some time doing sports and keeping you ahead of the game on[[link|url=]] Sports Roundup.[[end-link]] My number one passion is sports, but I love music as well. So how to combine the two is the tricky part. Well, I thought. And I thought. And I thought. And the answer was quite obvious. Ok, so this song is extremely cheezy. I am a passionate Mets fan, and honestly, it is extremely difficult to look at the Mets right now, but this song is truly inspirational. Times may be bad now for Mets fans, but imagine back in 1962, when the Mets were the worst team in baseball history. This song is a reminder that no matter how bad the Mets are now, it is hard to imagine them any worse than when this song was written. The power of music prevails!
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