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Tribute to George Harrison
| November 29, 2011
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Today marks the tenth anniversary of famed Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison.

Harrison was born in 1943 in Liverpool, UK and died of lung cancer in 2001 in Los Angeles at the age of 58. Harrison left behind a legacy. His work with the Beatles profoundly impacted the world of rock. While most of the Beatles songs we know were written by McCartney and Lennon, Harrison wrote a few songs that the Beatles played, such as "Here Comes the Sun" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

After the break-up, Harrison's work was released in the form of many solo albums. Harrison continued his solo work after the break-up, becoming a successful artist. He later formed a band, The Traveling Wilburys, which combined the talents of Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty. Harrison also proved to be an able film producer, founding HandMade Films in 1978, which produced close to two dozen films.

Harrison become devoted to the Hare Krishna tradition in 1969, following a visit to India. His charity, the Material World Charitable Foundation, was founded in 1973 "to sponsor diverse forms of artistic expression and to encourage the exploration of alternative life views and philosophies." Harrison was devoted to humanitarianism. The George Harrison Humanitarian Fund for UNICEF still contributes to the humanitarian effort. He was dedicated to helping the problems within Bangladesh, where his friend Ravi Shankar resided. He was the first recipient of the Billboard Century Award. Harrison was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist posthumously in 2004. For his Concert for Bangladesh, Harrison was inducted into the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame in 2006. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce also awarded Harrison with a star on the Walk of Fame in front of the Capitol Records Building in 2009. Capitol Records released the first Beatles album in the US.

George Harrison will always be remembered as the "quiet" Beatle, but let us not forget the impact he had on the world outside of music. His humanitarian effort has raised millions to help those in need, and he has done countless things to promote world peace. He wasn't just a song writer or guitar player. He was a humanitarian, a film producer, and a promoter of peace. George Harrison was and will continue to be an inspiration for us all. Tune in later tonight at 11pm to listen to some of Harrison's best work.

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