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Mascara Can Be Manly
| July 13, 2009
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If you're like me and cannot get enough of '''''Third Eye Blind''''' - specifically, their new single ''Don't Believe A Word'', there's two things you can do to hear it: 1) Call the listener line '''{(607)273-2121}''' and request it. 2) Check out the new stop-motion animation video for the single. I don't think Stephen Jenkins is in a mid-life crisis, but the video does feature the band wearing a bit of make-up in addition to Stephen's new standard top-hat...and some boxing gloves? In a link to the video on their twitter page, the band asks "Be honest, on a scale of 1 to sexy, how do we look with mascara?" So clearly they feel perfectly comfortable in their skin. So check out the new video and enjoy the song on demand:
I feel bad that I never wrote in-depth about their NYC show from a month ago, but unfortunately, my phone died and all the cool pictures and such that I took on it are gone with it. But it was a fun show with the band playing both new songs and old favorites - although I was dizzied and disappointed when Stephen asked the crowd to choose whether the band should play ''How's It Gonna Be'' or ''I Want You'', two of my favorite songs; they played the latter one. But they also played an acoustic couch session that included Stephen taking over the drums while long-time drummer, Brad Hargreaves, switched over to acoustic guitar. Unfortunately they didn't play ''Semi-Charmed Life'' (even though the setlist for the show given online says they did) in addition to How's It Gonna Be, but they did play other fan favorites such as ''Motorcycle Drive By'' and ''Graduate'' as well as ''Non-Dairy Creamer'' off of the recent '''Red Star EP''' and finished off with an encore that included ''Slow Motion'', a kickin' new song called ''Sharp Knife'' and finished up with ''God of Wine''. There was also one ''EXCELLENT'' new song that Stephen said he hoped would reach a new level of fan favoritism a la Motorcycle Drive By, although I'm not too sure what it was called, although I think it may have been ''A Bonfire''. So no pictures, although I'll see if I can get them off my old phone some how if I can get that P.O.S. to work. For now, enjoy the vid. Only five (5) more weeks until the new album is out!
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