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Updates From La Mancha
| June 18, 2009
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Okay, so I'm not in Spain right now, but I've been feeling fairly Quixotic lately. Anyways, while I missed Dan's roadtrip to take in a weekend's worth of awesomeness at '''''Bonnaroo''''' [I blame the economy], I did happen catch an awesome concert in NYC this past week. Andrew Loewer wants me to stop obsessing over '''Phoenix''' [bolded just for you, Andrew] and so I return to one of my obsessions of the last ten years - '''Third Eye Blind'''. By the way, apparently a bunch of Bonnaroo-goers decided to take cover from the rain under a tent and break out into 3EB's super famous break-through single, ''"Semi-Charmed Life"''. Actually, that was one song that was missing from the show this past Tuesday at Roseland Ballroom. I'll try to go into further depth later in this week [after Dan writes up his "Bonnacles"...*cough*] - complete with pictures. But I will say this - Stephen Jenkins confirmed that ''"Don't Believe a Word"'' will be the first single and I promise you it's good.
Apparently, several months ago when I mentioned that both '''Breaking Benjamin''' and '''Three Days Grace''' were both in the studio working on their next albums, I missed that fellow hard-rockers '''Chevelle''' were too. Well, no updates on the upcoming albums from either BB or 3DG - although it seems that Breaking Benjamin will be contributing a song to the upcoming 2009 sci-fi film, "Surrogates" - but we can expect Breaking Benjamin's 4th LP and the 3rd LP from Three Days Grace before the year's end. Moving onto Chevelle: Their fifth album will be called '''''Sci-Fi Crimes''''' and will be released on September 8, 2009. At least three possible singles have been considered: ''"Sleep Apnea", "Letters From a Thief"'' and ''"Jars"'' with Jars due to be released as the album's definite first single at the end of this month. We'll get that on the radio for you all as soon as we can. In the meantime, here are live recordings of the other two songs:
Frontman Pete Loeffler describes ''Letter From A Thief'' as "sort of an old-school '''Smashing Pumpkins''' vibe rock song. ''Sleep Apnea'' is...kind of a joke how when you're on tour you're always trying to catch up on your sleep. It's just a heavy rock song that I would love to hear on the radio." Lids are closed on ''Jars'' so we'll just have to wait until it's released in a few weeks. Pete's brother and partner in crime, Sam (bass), comments on the album itself as being "something different from past records without losing the core of our passion" which should open up some fans eyes and after many were disappointed when 2007's '''''Vena Sera''''' displayed a very similar and almost recycled sound to their previous works. Honestly though, I've enjoyed all of their albums, especially Vena Sera, and 9/8 will be marked on my calendar.
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