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40 Bands, 96 Hours, 900 Miles and 90,000 Music Fans
| June 9, 2009
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[[link|url=]][[image|id=55|align=left|width=200]][[end-link]]In about ten hours, I'll embark on what promises to be an epic journey: a trip to the increasingly prestigious [[link|url=]]Bonnaroo Music Festival[[end-link]] in Manchester, TN. I've been waiting for this for months. Snack food? Check. Tent? Check. Copious amounts of sunscreen to keep my pasty self unburned? Check. A like-new Civic full of gas? Check. Good friends? Triple check. I've cleared my camera's memory card and bought a moleskine notebook with the intent of chronicling this event for all of your listening and viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I won't have much internet access while on a farm in a small town in Tennessee, but on Monday there will be an inundation of pictures, reviews, and new music for you to sift through. I'll call it...the '''Bonnaroo Chronicles!''' (perhaps the '''Bonnicles?''') Check back here in just a few days for my perspective on one of the biggest music festivals in the country.
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