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Scattered Clouds
- Scattered Clouds
| May 28, 2009
All my fellow '''Third Eye Blind''' Fans unite and embrace! The wait is almost over! After our good friend, Stephen Jenkins teased us for years saying that a fourth album would be out as early as 2007, we 3EB devotees have waited for over two years. This year's earlier release of the ''Red Star'' digital EP offered some solace, but finally, a release date for ''Ursa Major'' has been announced and it looks like we'll finally be able to get our hands on their first album in six years before the end of Summer. [[image|id=50|align=left]]According to a News update on 3EB's [[link|url=]]official website[[end-link]]: ''The ever faithful labcoat technicians of Mega Collider Records are ecstatically proud to announce URSA MAJOR in full vinyl, elaborate eco-friendly CD photo and lyric thingies and iTunes! '''TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th.''' Stay tuned for pre-order info. This message has been Doug approved. Doug has been ball gagged and had his hands duct-taped to his thighs and told repeatedly, "Don't worry, an album doesn't need to be done to be released. Just let go. Just let go." So happy spring time everyone!! The time of URSA MAJOR is soon upon us!'' [Doug is an alias used by SJ...his middle name is Douglas] Rumor has it that the first single will be a song entitled "Don't Believe a Word". According to a May 21st update on 3EB's new [[link|url=]]Twitter Page[[end-link]], they've recently filmed the music video for it. And you can be sure that you'll be able to see them promoting on late night shows (e.g. Conan, SNL, etc). All this news just makes me all the more excited to see them at Roseland Ballroom in NYC in three weeks.
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David from WVBR | May 28, 2009, 6:44pm
They sang "Don't Believe a Word" at DC's Chili Cookoff. It got me really pumped up for Ursa Major!
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