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New Music Mondays, Vol. 20
| April 16, 2009
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[[link|url=]][[image|file=DMBbigwhiskey.jpg|width=200|align=left]][[end-link]]Hey guys! Meg and I returned this week with two of our favorite new tracks...and I held off on updating so that we could show you [[link|url=]]this, the brand new song from Dave Matthews Band.[[end-link]] We didn't profile it on Monday because, well, it was released on Tuesday (and is '''freely downloadable''' from their official website...follow the links I've given you so far). It's good stuff - poppy but well-arranged, not really as well-trodden as stuff from '''''Stand Up''''' sounded. My hunch is that fans of '''''Before These Crowded Streets''''' (like myself) will like this, as it sounds a bit like older DMB and features longtime guest performer and guitar virtuoso [[link|url=]]Tim Reynolds.[[end-link]] Onward to Meg's and my picks, though! ''Dan'' '''The Artist:''' Gomez '''The Song:''' Airstream Driver '''The Sound:''' Gritty, sustained power chords give way to the sublimely catchy verse in this latest single from Brit rockers [[link|url=]]Gomez,[[end-link]] soaring ever upward like its titular character. At times almost sounding like a schoolyard chant - but with plenty of compressed bass and ragged electric guitar - this is guaranteed to follow you around for days. And does the keyboard fill towards the end (3:07 or so - listen on their Myspace or on Youtube) sound like it could fit in some old school hip hop tune, or is that just me? ''Meg'' '''The Artist:''' Animal Collective '''The Song:''' My Girls '''The Sound:''' Ah yes. Those of you that listen to [[link|keyword=afterdark]]VBR After Dark[[end-link]] have hopefully caught this tune a bunch over the past couple of months. Meg approached me the other day and told me how she's listened to this non-stop for the past few weeks, and I'm starting to remember why. Beginning with spacey synths that cascade across increasingly layered cosmic harmonies, the guys of [[link|url=]]Animal Collective[[end-link]] are masterful when it comes to building songs. It starts innocuously and quietly enough, and by the time the neo-Calypso hook breaks at 2:16 or so, there's this huge release of positive energy. And that's what really hits you about this song, it's just ''so'' joyful and...powerful. '''''Merriweather Post Pavilion''''' is being called one of the [[link|url=]]best albums of the year[[end-link]], so don't just take our word for it.
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