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A Sweet Tooth for Local Radio
| March 28, 2009
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[[image|file=VBR ICB pie.jpg|width=250|align=left]]So we're hanging out at Cornell and Ithaca College's [[link|url=]] Relay for Life[[end-link]] at Barton Hall, and it's an absolute blast. More pictures and videos to come soon! We've seen a cappella groups, rock bands, dance troupes...and all the while thousands of people have turned out to support the '''American Cancer Society.''' And VBR has been hosting Carnival for a Cure, where people dressed in all sorts of off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, leggings, and neon (yes, this is 80s themed) have competed for goldfish and shamelessly competed in whipped cream pie eating contests. Among the contestants? Some of the members of our friends at [[link|url=]]WICB[[end-link]] and loyal Real Rock Radioans (Radians?) Dhara Shah and Mike Beyman. Enjoy.
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