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Wayne Coyne Flames Arcade Fire
| March 20, 2009
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[[image|file=arcade fire.jpg|width=200|align=left]]It turns out that even well-established, popular musicians can be really petty towards one another. This newest feud all started with some published words - pretty caustic at that - from '''the Flaming Lips'''' Wayne Coyne, who called the Arcade Fire arrogant, among other less vulgar things, and claimed that they treat everyone around them like a certain four letter expletive. '''The Arcade Fire's''' Win Butler took the high ground and, rather than firing back, professed their admiration for Wayne and company. So who came out the better man? Was Wayne out of line? Read the [[link|url=]]full article here[[end-link]] and let me know what you think of this rather outlandish little episode.
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