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New Music Mondays, Vol. 14 and 15
| December 15, 2008
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[[image|file=bon iver.jpg|width=200|align=left]]Back for one of the final installments of '''New Music Mondays''' of the year here on the Ausen/Powers Show, we've got last week's song and this week's tune, which is an especially early look at new music from [[link|url=]]Bon Iver.[[end-link]] '''The Artist:''' The Rosebuds '''The Song:''' Club '''The Sound:''' Possessed of the sort of eerie but entrancing electro-pop predilections that you seem to hear more and more of nowadays, the Rosebuds' newest song from their latest album, '''''Life Like,''''' wafts gently from the stereo, coasting on atmospheric guitars and a portentous bassline, as theatrical strings float to the top of the mix. Ivan Howard's voice swirls around the song's melancholy theme with all the mysticism and detachment heard from artists like Joy Division and Pink Floyd. It's certainly a departure from some of their cheerier material and it delivers welcome tension in the form of its spacy chorus. '''The Artist:''' Bon Iver '''The Song:''' Woods '''The Sound:''' Sparse, evocative, this song resonates with some part of me that I can't quite identify. It is, for all its brilliance, very repetitive - four lines over the course of an almost five minute song, layered over and over again. The next big song to feature vocoder-filtered vocals - the first, in 2005, ostensibly being Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" - this tune is an exercise in a great build, stacking falsetto flourishes upon the breathy, anxious harmonies of Justin Vernon, the sole voice behind '''Bon Iver.''' From his upcoming EP, the '''''Blood Bank EP''''' out in January of 2009, you can look forward to hearing this and other songs in VBR After Dark. Lastly, an update on our friends in [[link|url=]]the Decemberists,[[end-link]] who paid Ithaca a visit in early November. VBR has been playing single "Valerie Plame" from their singles series '''''Always the Bridesmaid,''''' a series of tunes that are, according to lead singer/songwriter Colin Meloy, a bit "jauntier" than their traditional sound. Forthcoming album '''''Hazards of Love''''' now has an official tracklisting, and you can find out more about their new disc, out on March 24th of 09, [[link|url=]]right here.[[end-link]]
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