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If you wanna be a rock superstar...
| December 9, 2008
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Some people want to be rock stars for the fame. Some people want to be rock stars for the money. Some people want to be rock stars for the women. Then there are some true stars who do it for the love of rock & roll. But if you want one more reason why being a rock star might be awesome and proof that touring doesn't totally suck, here it is: ''*Parental Advisory: These videos do contain some cursing*'' If only Seether/Breaking Benjamin/Three Days Grace put on that kind of performance when I saw them in Binghamton a year ago. Still a great show, but you gotta love friends pranking on each others' bands. And trust me, 3DG & Seether got their share of pranks, but after watching all the videos, these were the two best.
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