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So Many Top 10s
| December 5, 2008
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There are a ridiculous number of [[link|keyword=top10]]Top 10's at 10[[end-link]] that have been created by our DJs over the last few years. As far as I know to date, no two have been the same and they've been going now for around two and a half years. The [[link|keyword=top10]]Top 10 at 10[[end-link]] actually started as the Top 11 and 11 way back in Summer 2006, just a few short months after the launch of [[link|keyword=afterdark]]VBR After Dark[[end-link]], when we expanded our horizons and started playing some more modern and indie rock at night during the week. Since then, it's been going strong. I never was very good at coming up with these things, but a lot of our DJs are quite talented at it, with our own Dan Powers having done 76 to date. I managed to squeeze out 15 with such winners as "A Meal of Music - Top 10 Food Songs" and the ill-fated April Fool's prank "Top 10 Songs You'll Hear on the New FM 93's Later Than Daytime Show" which was filled with songs I couldn't bear to play in their entirety. Some of the cooler and better ones from all of the VBR family include: Top 10 Songs Not to Play in Church Top 10 Nonsense Songs Lucky Charms -- They're Magically Delicious A Wintry Mix Top 10 Monosyllabic Band Names Top 10 Songs to Play in a Laundromat and of course... Top 10 That's What She Said I'm not sure if its just creativity or insanity... but the joks at WVBR seem to have a nice helping of it... You can catch the [[link|keyword=top10]]Top 10 at 10[[end-link]] every weeknight at 10pm. You can see archived Top 10's [[link|keyword=top10]]here[[end-link]].
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