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New Music Mondays, Vol. 13
| December 4, 2008
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[[link|url=]][[image|file=sir paul.jpg|width=200|align=left]][[end-link]]'''The Artist:''' The Fireman '''The Song:''' Sing the Changes '''The Sound:''' Formed in 1993, [[link|url=]]the Fireman[[end-link]] is a side project of '''Sir Paul McCartney.''' That's right. Bassist for the Beatles, frontman for Wings. He has another musical group (on top of his solo material). Am I the only one who's never heard of the Fireman? I stumbled upon their latest album - '''''Electric Arguments,''''' out November 25th - through [[link|url=]]Metacritic[[end- link]] and looked into them, soon discovering that none other than one of the Fab Four was at the helm. Started in 1993 as an ambient music project, I can't speak to what debut '''''Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest''''' sounded like, but a likely guess is that it's pretty substantially different from McCartney's work with either of his two primary bands. First single from their new release "Sing the Changes" is doused in shimmery echo and doubled guitars, and overdubs of Sir Paul's voice abound. The main guitar hook sounds vaguely Eastern - not a far cry from some of the Beatles' work ("Norwegian Wood," "Love You To") and it's clear that the Fireman are not attaching themselves (the grammar of that last part is killing me) to any standards of pop production or melodicism. Which isn't to say that it's not a cool tune; I enjoy it very much. But it's a grower...give this a few spins before you pass judgment.
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